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9.351 Favourite Youtubers - Tier 1

Today I thought I'd do something different than blog about my life. I feel it's been a long time since I've just chatted with you guys. The cold weather has eased up as of late, in place of some chilly nights and rain. I've been keeping up with my exercise by hitting the gym about 3x a week. I feel better overall and feel good that I've built up some running endurance. My problem mainly lies in my eating habits on the weekends and when I go home after the gym or work. My willpower really isn't that strong.

These days I've been feeling kind of meh. Perhaps it's the lack of sun we get in winter taking it's toll, or maybe it's because I haven't been going out on the weekends since it's too cold out. Whenever I feel down or unlike myself, I turn to my favourite youtubers of all time. Long time readers would probably know exactly who those 3 youtubers are, as I've mentioned them before in my blog posts.

For your information, I'm subscribed to over 150 channels. I know it's a lot, but most of those channels I watch only once in a blue moon if a video catches my eye. Truthfully, there's only about a handful that I consistently watch. In this post, I share with you my top 3 favourite youtube channels.


One of the vlogs that I truly enjoyed watching. Although I love their girls, I miss when it was just Judy and Benji!

My OG readers, you guys don't even need an introduction, you already know who Judy is. I have been following Judy on her beauty channel, itsjudytime since 2008/09. I remember coming across her channel because I had searched up hair tutorials. Judy has major skills when it comes to hair styling and I was in awe. Her makeup was also very bold and different too. I still remember watching her videos with Benji in the background. I wasn't an avid subscriber though as her makeup looks were not my cup of tea and I've never had much luck with styling my hair. I stuck around though because I enjoyed her humble down-to-earth personality and her loving interactions with Benji.

It wasn't until she started to vlog short clips on her itsjudytime channel, that I started to follow Judy a bit more closely. A this point I could really see how humble and relatable both Judy and Benji were. When Vlogtober came around, I was so happy when Judy was on board to vlog everyday for that month. I was hooked- and so was everyone else. She and Benji were so entertaining that no one wanted Vlogtober to end. Luckily she held on and decided to continue vlogging and started her vlogging channel, itsjudyslife! It's funny, I distinctively remember Benji being a bit against it at first, I mean who would want a camera in their face everyday, but I think he came to realize how great it was to have footage to look back on. Benji also has a pretty decent channel of his own, BenjiManTV. He shares his love of food, green juice and recipes along with cooking tips. It's because of Benji and Judy that I want to get a Breville juicer, Blendtec blender, and through luck got the Zojirushi rice cooker as an engagement gift from a former coworker (she didn't even know I wanted one). Judy is someone I can see myself in, as we have a lot of similarities in personality and what we like.

I will be honest though, I preferred the vlogs more before their children were born. It's not that I don't love their girls, it's just that at this time in my life, it was more relatable for me. It's all about the kids now, and although they are fun to watch at times, watching and hearing kids scream all the time is not what I'm about right now haha. I miss seeing more of the interactions between Judy and Benji. When her audience was smaller, she would leave in more of the "real" stuff. We were able to hear more of their real thoughts, the small conflicts they would have with one another, and what they would do to resolve it. They were real and more intimate with us viewers. Benji would even go around in his underwear (TMI) but they did what they would do as if they were at home- which they were! Once in a while I get to indulge in that again when they go on a trip without the kids. Those are the vlogs I love best. Firstly, I love their travel vlogs and secondly it's great to see Judy and Benji focus on one another again. Judy and Benji's relationship and marriage is #goals. I really admire how respectful, patient, and honest they are towards each other. I have learned quite a bit from them.


One of Lisa's older videos from 2012. This is one of my all-time favourite videos where she shares her personal story about the struggles of marriage, divorce and what it means to finding the "one".

My second favourite youtuber is LisaLisaD1. I have been following Lisa since 2010 I think. I believe I came across her channel by search up makeup collection videos. There's a lot of channels I'm subscribed to by that method. It wasn't until 2011 that I started to really watch Lisa religiously. I remember I got hooked on her videos after my big breakup with my ex (my OG readers, you already know!!). It was her Friday videos and her happy personality and cheerful smile that helped me go through that hard time. I could always count on Lisa's videos to put a smile on my face. She's very genuine and down-to-earth kind of person- someone you would like to have as a friend and enjoy talking to.

Her videos are much more different than your average beauty/fashion channel. Currently she's in her 40s and has a Southern accent which is very unique in my case because I mainly follow girls in my age group. But there was something different about Lisa that drew me to her. I think it has to do with her positive attitude and outlook on life. I also think I'm more drawn to channels that seem like they're talking to us viewers over coffee than being more formal and making the video some big production. I really enjoy watching Lisa and feeling like we're "chatting" over some coffee or tea.

Lisa has quite the caring, loving and nurturing personality. She goes to great lengths to try to avoid offending people- which in this day in age is hard as everyone seems to be offended by everything. Honestly, these people should get off their high horses and put a band-aid on it or something, because the real world is big, and if you're going to get offended by every little thing, you might as well not step outside your house. Not really sure why people take it upon themselves to think that everything is about them. Anyway, getting back on track, Lisa always tries to make her videos a "happy place" (quoted by her) for her and her subscribers. For all these years, I've been able to live vicariously through her Friday hauls and have been introduced to brands, such as Dean Davidson, that I otherwise would have never known about. Lisa is the reason why I know about major fashion labels such as Manolo Blahnik, Valentino, DVF, and what got me started on getting nicer clothes and finding my own style. I love her hauls because she buys more luxury brand beauty products and offers fashion inspiration. She also started doing some vlogs after taking inspiration from HRH Collection. I thoroughly enjoy her vlogs but wish she could do them more often. I could not imagine youtube without her.

HRH Collection

This is not one of her typical vlogs, but it is one of my all-time favourite chatty videos of hers. Here she finally comes clean about why she never publicly announced her engagement and marriage to Nick, and also addresses the haters.

Alex is a true character. I first learned about Alex through multiple youtube channels that mentioned her jewelry line, HRH Collection. The only person I can really think of right now is Lisa whom occasionally mentions her in her videos. Curious about who was behind HRH Collection, I went to her channel and found a bubbly girl in front of the camera. She seemed like a typical L.A. blonde, you might say... and a bit on the ditzy side. She was nice but not someone I felt compelled to watch. Although she seemed ditzy, you can really tell how intelligent she was when it came to her jewelry line. She's very passionate about it. The way she talks about her jewelry makes you want to buy it (which I did).

In 2015, I started to consistently follow Alex after Lisa mentioned her vlogs. When I first watched her vlogs, she sort of put me off because of how negative she was. All she did was complain and focus on the negative. I was curious as to why Lisa, of all people, would follow such a negative person. I went back to Alex's first videos and discovered what I would consider, night and day. In the beginning, Alex was way more girly and bubbly. But as she continued to vlog, she started to evolve into the complete opposite of what she used to be. Apparently she has said that it was her finally showing her true colours.

It was hard to swallow and see her be consumed by her negativity. But when she wasn't focusing on the negative, I could see that she had a genuine personality beneath her hard shell. I think this is the reason why I continued to watch. Plus her vlogs are seriously so entertaining to watch. After some time, I started to understand and was able to relate with Alex and her rants. Most of her thoughts are what we are thinking but are too afraid to say out loud. I guess you can say we've been conditioned to do only what is socially acceptable. Alex is truly a love her or hate her kind of girl. I think you have to summon your inner-rant-self to be able to accept Alex's personality. She was more negative when she was single but now happier since marrying Nick and buying their house together. Her realness and bold no-filter character is the reason why so many people love her. She doesn't put on this cookie cutter youtuber personality and pretend life is perfect. In some ways, I can really relate to Alex. She doesn't have friends (just like me) for the same reason as me: we expect too much of people and that eventually they do something to make us upset which makes holding onto that friendship hard. She likes to vegetate at home (like me) and has only Ming (her dog) and her husband Nick that she hangs out with. I think you readers know, I pretty much only hang out with my family and fiance haha. I'm a loner like Alex #lonersunite! Although I don't entirely agree with every reaction she has, I do have high respect towards her sharing her true authentic self in the public eye. It takes a lot of "balls" to do that.

So that concludes my top 2 youtubers of all time. If I was allowed to only watch these 3 youtube channels, I would still be pretty content. I will share the next tier in another post some time. Hope you found someone you like too!

"Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?" - Danielle LaPorte

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