Thursday, May 15, 2014

6.214 Great News!

Hello guys. I feel like I haven't been blogging about what's going on in my life besides some events and outings with the Mister. I'll make it brief here but I'll go into more depth in upcoming posts. Here goes:

1) First and foremost, I have great news... I am officially DONE paying off my student loans!! YAY!! I know that I could have paid it off a lot sooner if I was more diligent and didn't spend on frivolous things... but those frivolous things make me happy so that's okay. I'm just super happy that I finally got that debt off my back. I'm a free woman!
2) I know this might sound strange but the Mister and I kept our relationship a secret for over a year (only our families knew). We recently revealed it to everyone so now our relationship is out in the open. Don't worry, I'll explain in detail in another post.
3) The Mister and I are planning to go to Montreal in August as our mini-vacation. We hope to go for at least 5 days but I'm hoping for 7 =) I have never gone anywhere without family so this is really exciting planning my own trip.
4) I'm working on my room... again (it's always a work in progress lol). But this time I'm working on getting my closet more organized and structured in a way that better reflects what my dream closet would be like (one step closer is better than nothing). I went to Target and got a few things, will share soon!
5) I've been working on my vegetable garden! When it's sunny I'll take a picture and show you guys what I've been up to. I planted some seeds a few weeks back and they've already sprouted. I transplanted them outdoors just this past weekend.

Yikes, that's a lot of updates that I no longer have time to blog about =( I remember last year I would blog about everything. I'll try to keep this in mind so that it won't be information overload. I love blogging about everyday things because that's what my life is about; the small things. Besides, this is a personal blog, I love to blog because I love to look back at memories and to see how far I've come. It's quite similar to how Judy feels when she vlogs. Blogging is my outlet, my own personal journal online.

p.s. I spritzed some Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume on (I love to spritz on some perfume before bed) and oh my gosh, I feel so nostalgic. That's what I love about perfumes and music. They both can bring me back in time.

"Truly great people don’t go around telling everyone how great they are, everyone already know it." -Unknown

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IchigoBunnie said...

hooray! no more debt!

and i know what you mean about hiding the relationship. I kept mine from my mom for 2 years and kept mine away from my friends for about 1 year.

EXCITING!! vacations with the S.O. is always nice :) a getaway is romantic and fun! I went to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee 2 years ago for 3 days and it was great! Too expensive for us to stay 5 days but its okay--we'll go back when we have money.

Can't wait to see an update of your closet! Always nice improving where one spends most of their time in. I wish I could home-if-y my apartment but because my bf and I are never sure where we're moving next, it's hard to make something permanent out of something temporary and it'd be an extra hassle to bring extra tidbits that I buy into the moving truck.

Anyhoodle, see you later! :)