Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5.181 First Snowfall

It has happened. It is here. Snow. I hear this winter will be typical or brutal with lots of winter storms and snow for us Canadians (I'm generalizing because obviously there's a East, West and North side). I'm trying to prepare the Mister and I for the bitter cold (I'm talking minus 2-digit numbers) that will hit us pretty soon- albeit it's quite cold these days as it is. With the snow, it has set the Holiday mood for me. I'm getting excited. We have yet to put up the Christmas tree, I think after we do that, it'll really sink in for me :D

The Mister and I visited Yorkdale again last week. I wanted to go down there to see if I could find any good Christmas gifts. I shopped early this year (back in Sept/Oct) so I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping.

We had also decided that day to watch The Hunger Games. The great things about Yorkdale is that they have other food vendors there like Pizza Pizza and Burger King that you can bring into the theatres to eat. The funny thing was I didn't realize that it was opening day for Catching Fire until the next day when I told my sister I went to go see it. I didn't bother finding out when it was released, all I knew was that it was out and I wanted to go see it. We went around 2:45, so the theatre wasn't even that packed. It was a normal crowd for us- which was good. It wasn't until after the show that I saw a huge line for the evening showing.

I liked the movie. I haven't read the books so I can't compare the two though. It was more of a transition kind of movie for me though, I like the first movie more but after seeing Catching Fire I can't wait to watch the third part (which will be split into two films). Now the next movie the Mister and I want to see is Thor: The Dark World!

On a side note, I just want to touch bases about how terrible my workplace is. I have no idea how some people have worked here for a number of years because right now I'm quite fed up with this place. Upper management doesn't care about their employees at all, they pretty much make you feel like you shouldn't exist when the "big bosses" are around. And when they are present, they make you feel like shouldn't be seen nor heard, but if you are, you have to work vigorously as if your life depends on it. They don't provide all the necessary tools and equipment to make work more efficient but yet expect results. They're cheap and try to cut corners wherever they can- whether that be putting pressure on the workers to work even faster or trying to expand the workforce in a workplace that has no room for that capacity. If you're a good worker, you get worked even harder; but if you're lazy and incompetent, you get to do the easy jobs. At least I'm in the good books when it comes to my supervisor. I don't get treated this way because I am a good efficient worker who knows my responsibilities and what I need to do to get things done.

I've also observed and encountered a few creepy men at work. The only silver lining from this is that I've learned that I don't need to be understanding towards everybody (probably because of my psych degree). Everyone needs a friend but I don't necessarily have to be that person. I've also learned to ignore and avoid these types of people so that they don't bother me and not feel bad for being cold and unfriendly. I can't control their actions and what they choose to do, but I can choose mine. Plus, I have so many other bigger things to worry about than to be concerned with someone as trivial as him. Working at this place has made me grow up and face the reality that not everybody is nice or as nice as they may seem. I know more about judging a person's character and how to handle creepers to get them off my trail. This experience has set in stone for me to trust my gut instincts because it was right about everything and everyone, there's no question about it! I am left disappointed with mankind for the most part; although there are plenty of good hearted people, there are the same or more number of lazy self-centred people. I can't wait to leave this awful place behind one day but that won't be until after I finish paying off my student debt (I'm so close to the finish line!!).

"Thinking too well of people often allows them to be better than they otherwise would." -Nelson Mandela

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