Thursday, October 10, 2013

5.168 Square One's Shanghai 360

The Mister and I recently visited Square One to shop and to check out their newly opened food court called "Food Central". Their food court isn't as impressive as the Eaton's Centre- it's not as big and there weren't that many new food stands to choose from. It's more like Yorkdale's newly renovated food court. It's a much better upgrade from what it used to be but it's not over-the-top impressive like Eaton's.

As appetizing as some of the other food stands were, the Mister and I decided on Shanghai 360 since their food looked quite appetizing (plus they gave out a free drink coupon). They had a pretty good selection of food and I liked how you could choose anything with the combos without there being some sort of extra charge (like what Manchu Wok does). The food was quite tasty and it was better than Manchu Wok in my opinion. The left photo is mine and the right is the Mister's.

And of course while we were at Square One, I found myself wandering into the beauty section of Walmart and Target whilst dragging the Mister along (he's always a good sport though hehe).
And this was the resulting purchase. I wanted more of the Super Lustrous Lipglosses and found them on sale at Walmart for just under $5! I was so excited and got 3 colours. I also picked up a couple Hask Macadamia hair oils (I love this stuff guys; one of them is for the Mister's sister), a few Wet 'n' Wild Megalast lipsticks that I heard good things about, and a couple of top coat sparkly nail polishes. But because I wanted more colours of the Revlon lipglosses, I headed into Target and picked up two more which were unfortunately not on sale. But the most amazing thing I found, that I've been waiting and wishing for to be in stock, were the Sonia Kashuk brushes!! I know I said I would do a review on these brushes but I only own two and have been trying to get ahold of a few more before I can actually do that post. When I get the chance to try these products out more, I'll try to do some reviews.

I thought I would have more chances to wear the nail polishes I bought... but because of my secret project, I was only able to wear one nail polish so far. It is Sally Hansen's "Casting Call".

The formula is richer and a bit thicker than the average polish. The application can be a tad streaky if you don't take care. It's a really beautiful colour, great for Spring and Summer.

Also during my two week break, I finally went to the optometrist to get my eyes checked. It turns out I need glasses (not surprising). I took a look at a few frames at the office which were mainly Dior but didn't buy any since they totalled to $500 with everything included. I'll only wear glasses when I need it, so for that price point it's not even worth it- hello Clearly Contacts! Trying on the glasses did give me a good idea about what frames fit my face the best though.

Breakfast at one of our favourite eats- Eggspectation =)

Late night snack/dinner at McDonald's by my house LOL. I had a coupon so it was a good deal.

The next post will be the secret reveal of the project I've been working on. Stay tuned!

"Three things you can't recover in life: the word after it's said, the moment after it's missed, and the time after it's gone." -Unknown


IchigoBunnie said...

Food looks yummy!

And yay for makeup hauling :) I haven't tried out Sonia Kashuk's brushes but I already have enough brushes so I don't need to buy any. Well, I DO need a blending brush but I have yet to find one that's small enough for my eyes haha

And I've tried the Wet N Wild lipsticks. Although a youtuber liked them, I personally didn't. I found them drying even though the color payoff is great.

And I didnt realize Revlon repackaged their superlustrous lipglosses! They used to be in a square tube instead.

The nail polish looks so pretty! Such a creamy pink color

And picking out glasses is so hard! To me anyway. Nothing I ever try on looks good on me. And mannn $500 is expensive! Then again that's to be expected. If you know what kind of frame suits you, you can try On your first registration, they allow you to have a free pair of glasses. If your vision is under -2.0 then lenses are free. If they are above -2.0 then you have to pay $10 for lenses and then $6 for shipping. So all total you spend less than $20 on a pair of glasses. I did it myself although I picked the wrong glasses for myself haha. But I don't wear it out because I feel too embarrassed lol but if glasses are something you will just wear at home then Firmoo can be an option since its so cheap and the glasses are actually the same build as the ones in store, or at least the one I personally got.

And I cannot wait til your secret reveal is here!

mizzsandychau said...

I seriosuly haven't been to square one in SO long! it's just too far for me. But i remmeber the last time i was there which was years ago, their food court looked so boring! nice change.
I love that nailpolish color! i must hunt for it now

happy thanksgiving!

Marie said...


I've been (unofficially) following your blog for a while now but I've been too shy to comment. I really enjoy your posts and I probably visit on a weekly basis :)

Can't wait to hear about your secret project!

CQUEK said...

wonderful shots.. i have never been to shanghai, but love to visit one day.

Nat said...

@Marie Aw thank you so much for leaving me a comment! It's sweet messages like this that make me feel like my blog is all worth it =)