Tuesday, October 1, 2013

5.166 Style Journey - Ready For Fall

I'm officially on vacation. I'm taking my two weeks off of work which is why I've been able to blog so much recently. I've been busy working on a project that I can't wait to share with you soon. I'm currently trying to tie up any blogging loose ends before the secret reveal. This is a life change for me, so please hang in tight in the mean time.

Lately I've been preoccupied with re-watching one of my favourite Korean Dramas called "Temptation of Wife". I've finally reached the more epic latter of the show and I can't help but feel moved by it. *Spoiler alert: If you plan to watch it and don't want me to spoil it for you, skip the remainder of this paragraph.* When the main female character finally completes her transformation and emerges into this confident successful women, I feel empowered just watching her take back control of her life. Although I would never compare my life with how badly she was treated when she was with her in-laws, I'm sure everyone can relate back to a time (past or present) when you felt like you were living in a box. That's what I've been feeling for a long time now, but I no longer need to fret about it, as things are about to change for the better for me.

One of the elements that I really like from the show, other than how dramatic and addicting the storyline is, is the fashion style. I'm completely inspired by all the layering and choice of fabrics and textures. It works perfectly too because I'm at a point where the show is going into fall and winter which is exactly the season transition that's happening where I am now.

I'm still learning about how to style from the show so I haven't exactly bought much clothing from what I've been inspired from. Plus, back in June I did a lot of clothes shopping so I've backed off from that department for a while. I did however pick up a few pieces that my closet has been in dire need of (purchases shown are from the last three months).

Dresses. You guys know how much I'm lacking in this department. This peplum dress was from Forever21. When I set my eyes on it, I felt compelled to try it on despite knowing that the peplum is not the best cut for me since I have big hips. Surprisingly though, it looked pretty good on! I'm happy that I finally found something peplum that I could wear because I really like the silhouette and style of it.

This was the other amazing dress I found. I say amazing because this is the most figure flattering dress I own to date. It's from H&M and I found the little treasure tucked away among one of the clothing racks. This dress was $40 which I personally find is a great price for a dress of this style.

It forms very nicely to my body and flares out slightly to make it super figure flattering.

White/Cream blazers. I only own black ones and have been wanting white for some time now. I got both of these at H&M. The left one was $40, the right one was $50. I believe some H&M blazers are priced around $60 so the $40 one was a good find, plus I needed a blazer with a longer cut anyway. They both have a nice cut at the back so that they conform to my back nicely.

Booties. I fell in love with these Aldo Rusova booties the first time I set eyes on them was on the website (I browse a lot, don't I?). Remember when I said every Fall season I allot myself one pair of boots? Well, I was in desperate need for a pair of ankle boots.

I really like the worn-in feel and the gradient effect on these booties. They're also really comfortable to walk in. They're pricey at $130, but they're so worth it in my opinion. At the very least I got 10% off because I signed up for their email newsletter- better than nothing, right?

"Love like you've never been hurt before." -Unknown


mizzsandychau said...

ooo i can't wait to know your big secret!!! i wonder what you're up to!! haha
where are you going for vacation hun?
i've never watched korean drama before, but i used to be deeply obsessed with japanese drama. still am just not as much. Lately i've been watching a lot of anime again.

That peplum dress and the cream blazers look amazing!

IchigoBunnie said...

AHH I'm SO curious of what this "secret reveal" is! I'll be stalking your blog more than I already do so I can be up to date on that secret reveal. Too too curious!

I'm loving your white peplum dress! White is so classy and clean. I never can wear white dresses because they show my undies from behind due to such a light color. I do have one white dress but it has lining on the inside making it opaque enough to wear and not show my undies.

I have a similar black dress from Zara! It's the same A-line flowy ish dress with a simple neckline. Very classic look for a little black dress. Love what you bought!

And OMG I've been DYINGGG to buy ankle boots! I want a black colored one and a cognac colored one. I've found my perfect black one as I've posted it on instagram, but I still can't find a cognac one! Yours looks so good. I'm jealous! I'm like, on the edge of buying those pair of boots since I want them so badly.

LOVING the white blazers!! I don't have an H&M here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama since I relocated there and so I'm jealous you got to get those blazers! So pretty. I do have one white blazer but it's cheap and not well made and has no lining and is three quarter sleeved rather than full sleeved. Oh well, one day when I have money I'll go bonkers on shopping! xD

IchigoBunnie said...

Damnit after reading your post I now want the H&M white blazer! I don't know what I'd wear it with though but it looks so good! I see one of them online for purchase but not the other shorter one. I guess my low quality white three quarter sleeved blazer will have to do for now xD

I went to Walmart to exchange pots and pans and bought in a box since the handles were broken when I opened the box and then.....I wandered off to the cosmetics section xD I wanted to buy a pressed powder foundation I used to use when I was still in HS. I liked the foundation a lot. Dunno why I ever discontinued it. But I had to restrain myself because of what I told you and everybody: that I won't be purchasing anymore til the end of year. Bah *tears* lol

IchigoBunnie said...

read your comment:

haha definitely. I for sure gotta start somewhere. I think I'll spend tomorrow coordinating and experimenting with some outfits to see what goes together and put it up on the blog and ask for yall's opinions if it looks good or not

IchigoBunnie said...

read your comments!

haha im actually not much of an accessorizer type of person. I get lazy with changing up jewelry even though I know they can totally amp up a boring outfit. I actually don't have any jewelry with me since moving to Alabama since I didn't bring them with me. But yea, I might reconsider doing some accessorizing once I have money. But also I guess I find accessories a hassle ish? Like having rings on my fingers feels weird and bracelets snatch at my arm hair xD But one day I'll have to get into accessories. They seem quite essential.

And yes! I shall hold strong on my shopping ban! There are yet even more good deals out right now where I'm like UGH I so want it. Especially this one opaque white button down shirt thats on the flowy soft fabric side. I need one of those essentials in my closet to wear with skirts, jeans, shorts, etc since it matches with everything. The one I'm looking at is just $10 too on sale! I think I'll only make an exception for it if I make $100-200 more money than I expected I would get from working face painting when I visit Houston next week. Especially since I'm not able to buy that $119 pair of boots, $10 for a shirt in replacement doesn't seem that terrible on my wallet.

Jenny W. said...

I loved the boots you picked out at Aldo, I've been trying to find a similar pair but none of them were comfortable. I'm going to peek into Aldo next time I'm at the mall. Thanks for sharing! Reading through your posts like a creeper, don't mind me. I feel like we have a lot in common ^^