Friday, September 20, 2013

5.162 No More Fridays + Get To Know Me

Ever since the Mister got a new job, Friday has no longer been date night. Instead, I spend it running errands, for leisure time, and blogging. Maybe one day my life will get more interesting, but for now I hope you don't mind my boring life. You got to do what you got to do, right?

Get To Know Me

I feel like I haven't connected to my blog on a deeper level for some time now, it's about time I update you guys on my preferences and my likes and what has changed with me:

1. Then: My favourite cosmetic product used to be blushes.
    Now: I'm a total lip junkie.

2. Then: I used to only like wearing lip balm.
    Now: I love lipsticks (preferably sheer with a little bit of shine) and like wearing lip glosses too.

3. Then: I frequently bought Dior and MAC products.
    Now: l still love Dior and I've taken a huge liking to YSL and Chanel.

4. Then: My favourite drugstore brands were Annabelle and Covergirl.
    Now: Maybelline and L'Oreal are my current faves.

5. Then: I preferred using high-end makeup to drugstore.
    Now: I still love my high-end cosmetics more and own more of it than drugstore.

6. Then: I mainly only used high-end skincare.
    Now: I use a mix of high-end and drugstore to save money.

7. Then: I owned 3 perfumes and didn't care for them much.
    Now: I've become a perfume addict. I own 9 in total (and counting...).

8. Then: I liked shimmery eyeshadows.
    Now: I prefer sheer, sheen, and matte eyeshadows.

9. Then: Under-eye concealer was the product I couldn't live without.
    Now: It's still remains the product I can't live without (Lise Watier Colour Wheel Corrector is still my HG).

10. Now: I was a makeup minimalistic.
      Then: I'm still a makeup minimalistic.

1.  Then: I used to live in "comfort" clothing ie. t-shirts, hoodies, and ill-fitted jeans 3-4 years ago.
     Now: Thank goodness I've learned to wear fitted jeans and look more put-together now.

2. Then: I never paid any attention to fashion.
    Now: Although by no means a fashionista, I've taken an interest in fashion.

3. Then: I would describe my previous style as "relaxed and comfort".
    Now: I would describe my style now as "classy and sophisticated".

4. Then: I wore my running shoes everyday no matter the outfit (except formal occasions of course).
    Now: I live in sandals, flats, and boots now depending on the season.

5. Then: I had worn a "permanent" watch on my wrist since grade 4.
    Now: I still wear watches but take them off. I now own more than one and still use them mainly for function, but I love to accessorize with them too.

6. Then: My favourite jewelry line was The Loft (no longer around), Juicy Couture, and Rainbow Jade.
    Now: I've moved up to Fossil and Swarovski. I love Fossil for their amazing bracelets/bangles and I love Swarovski for their beautiful earrings.

7. Then: My favourite bag brands were Juicy Couture and Kathy Van Zeeland.
    Now: I love Coach, Louis Vuitton and Prada (although I haven't been able to purchase the latter two).

8. Then: I ran away from colour.
    Now: I welcome them with open arms.

9. Then: A few years ago my sister said that one day I would be into shoes.
    Now: She was right.

10. Then: I thought it was pointless to invest in expensive shoes.
      Now: I understand how quality makes a difference in comfort and longevity.

1. Then: Travelling was my biggest dream and goal.
    Now: Travelling is still my biggest dream and goal.

2. Then: I lived with my family.
    Now: I still live at home which is fine because I wouldn't be able to survive financially out there alone right now with what I am doing.

3. Then: I thought I would be working my career job by now.
    Now: My goal is to one day go back to school for post-grad and go into something that will land me a desk job (as boring as that sounds). But there's something I like about the office setting, so it's something I think I would like.

4. Then: I was never much of a wedding person and don't want to spend a lot on that day.
    Now: I'm still not much of a wedding person. I'd rather spend more on my honeymoon.

5. Then: I used to love being a "princess".
    Now: I gag at the thought of it.

6. Then: I used to be severely shy and unconfident.
    Now: I've learned how to socialize so I don't come off as an awkward duck.

7. Then: I was passionate about photography.
    Now: I'm not into photography as I used to be but I still do love it.

8. Then: I was obsessed with the Korean culture.
    Now: I'm not obsessed but still admire now and again.

9. Then: I was unconfident with who I was.
    Now: I've learned to love myself.

10. Then: I thought I could never love again.
      Now: I'm getting there.

"You can explore the universe looking for somebody who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and you will not find that person anywhere." -Unknown

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IchigoBunnie said...

Read your comment!

Most calculations made here in North America is done through calculations for a Caucasian body(bigger heavier bone frame structure than us Asians), so I think at your 5'2 height you could do 105-110lbs since muscle weighs more than fat. 110-120 is technically "normal" but most people don't achieve abs and a toned body with that weight unless its a lot of muscle.


anyway, glad i could learn more about you in this post! some made me giggle, like your new found love for shoes haha. Gotta love them shoes!!

For photography I too fell out of photography but I applied for a photography job position so I can attempt to earn money. It's a small studio where families go in to take their senior portraits and family portraits etc.

And man I so wish I had the money to be able to be into YSL and Chanel. They are great companies.

I wanna write up my own get to know me like what you have but I wouldn't know what to write and dunno who would read it anyway xD

alright ill see u later Nat!