Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5.151 Rain Rain Go Away

It's the day after an evening/night of total chaos with power outages experienced across Toronto and the GTA. Record rainfall resulted in a lot of flooding leaving many drivers and commuters either totally stranded or completely frustrated because of how congested the roads and transit were. I heard that a month's worth of rainfall had fallen in just a few short hours. My family experienced a basement leak and so did many other home owners. I was at work when the power outage happened. I worked for only 2 hours and they kept us for another 2 hours to see if the power would come back on again. By the time they let us go, it was 8 o'clock in the evening and the roads were congested with people wanting to get home. Above is a picture of the paperwork I do half of the time I'm at work.

Having lunch at McDonald's last week after my visit to the lab to complete my physical. I was starving after a evening/night of fasting.

Last Friday the Mister and I ate at Milestone's because I really wanted to try their steak after a coworker told me how their steaks are the best. This is the first time we've ever eaten at Milestone's.

To start I ordered the Milestone's Original Bellini which is a big deal since I don't drink. I have to say though, it was really good. Bellinis are definitely something I can drink and enjoy. The Mister ordered a Heineken.

I'm on a mission to try the calamari at every restaurant. This was the Calamari Steak Strips which was alright. Since it was steak strips, it was more meaty than I'm used to. The calamari at Moxie's is still the best in my opinion. I really liked the sauces though- especially the Lemon Aioli sauce.

I ended up getting the Certified Angus Beef Top Sirloin- which was delicious, but what was even more yummier was the garlic mashed potatoes. Omg. It was so good. I forget what the Mister got... but I'm pretty sure it was the Red Curry Chicken Bowl.

Anyway I hope everyone who got affected by the flooding has been able to recuperate. The weather forecasts calls for more rain for the next couple of days. I really hope nothing bad happens again.

"I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." -A. Burroughs


mizzsandychau said...

omgggg nat! yesterday's black out was HORRID!!!! My brother works downtown, gets off at 5 and he got home finally at 1am. I was fortunate enough to have just gotten home before the storm hit, then the power all went out! i only had one baby flashlight and 4 candles for teh whole place. i had to set up my LED ring light for my camera just to have light to take a shower. Now i know to buy more candles. Dinner was cut off short too because only one item finnished cooking before the power went out. Then the elevators and the emergency stairwell power went out too and i had to walk my mom up the flight of stairs in the dark with a dinky light. SO SCARY!

IchigoBunnie said...

glad you're safe from flooding! flooding is never good. lol you and your calamari! all the food looks so yummy. i haven't had mashed potatoes in a while.

see you around Nat!

Jenny W. said...

I was fortunate enough that I was only stuck in some horrible traffic after work but once I got home there was no power outage. I didn't even realize how bad the flooding was until I logged onto the internet that night and saw the crazy pictures!

If you like bellinis you must try the peach bellini at Moxies! ;)