Saturday, April 20, 2013

5.140 Winners (Part II)

I have another Winners post to share because I made another visit recently. Winners is one of those places I can't resist stopping by. I just love shopping there!

The first department I went to was accessories. That's where I found this bag. I had been looking for a tote-like bag and this reminded me of that because of how simple it was. I almost got it but didn't after convincing myself that I probably wouldn't give it much love as I do with my designer bags. Now that I look at it again, it's also reminiscent of those Longchamp nylon bags isn't it?

I then found my way to the home section, of course you know me, and came upon a few neat candles like the ones pictured left. They smelled so good! They were exactly like what they were suppose to smell like but I didn't pick them up since I was already getting the Woodwick candle shown on the right. I was ecstatic when I found this because they sell these candles online for a lot more. The scent is in "Rose Blossom" and smells exactly like one of my favourite hand creams, Rosewater, from Crabtree & Evelyn. I love rose scents so this candle was not going to be left behind. I've really enjoyed burning these Woodwick candles. The sound of the crackle it gives off is so soothing and the scent is nice and not overpowering. I really recommend them.

I also came across some storage organizers for makeup. Winners often sells these kinds of things from time to time if you're ever looking for these kinds of things.

I ended up getting some new pillows that my shoulder and upper back desperately needed. I had been experiencing aches and pains for weeks from sleeping on a pillow that suddenly flattened one day. I bought that pillow from Sears last year so I didn't even have it for that long. That's my luck from Sears though, anything I buy from there turns to crap!

I also picked up these nice hand towels with the cute little bee detail. I like the how the stitching is like a honey-comb pattern. Lately I've been into the whole "hotel" thing so I've been wanting to recreate it in a sense, if you know what I mean. When I brought it home my sister said she was surprised that I would pick out a towel with a bug on it LOL. I don't see it so much as a bug than something that symbolizes prestige/royalty- at least that's what I'm going for.

And last but not least, I only lightly skimmed the ladies department because I wasn't into shopping for clothes that day. I did manage to find this top rather quickly in the Junior department. They always have nice edgier and funkier pieces. This has a faux leather front and just cotton material in the back. I've been venturing a little bit with my wardrobe and I think I've made some great strides. I think this would look great layered with other pieces like a jacket or blazer with some edge. I can also see ripped jeans pairing well with it too with nice long necklace.

So that's all I picked up at Winners. I also made a quick visit to Marshalls but didn't end up getting anything. I did come across a couple great things though.

These Steve Madden Girl heels were so cute. I liked them and how they looked on but I could not stand how they felt on. My feet were already starting to hurt only a few seconds after trying them on. That's definitely a no in my books, comfort is a big thing for me.

Saw these famous Sam Edelman heels that look so kick-ass. If I was able to wear heels that high, I would totally get it. They look fabulous.

I saw this really great jacket but there was only size xs left! There was one in black in my size but I found that their sizes run really small. Pity because this looked really nice on and I don't own a grey jacket! Found Lady Gaga's perfume here too which I thought was interesting.

I'll try to express my thoughts and talk more like I did in this post. I like it because I want to document what I think, how I feel, and the things I'm into currently so I can look back one day and remember.

"If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of." -Bruce Lee


Denysia Yu said...

I've seen the Sam Edelman shoes at Marshalls too, but they were on sale, and there was only one pair.

IchigoBunnie said...

you know at first i thought that purse/tote was a Longchamp! lol the form of it looked so familiar.

i havent been shopping for a while--im on a shopping ban. looking at this post makes me wanna go shopping again! xD

hope you're doing well Nat. haven't talked to you in a while!