Sunday, March 10, 2013

5.132 Spring Forward


Today we traveled through time. The weather was warm enough to open up the windows and smell the Spring-like air. I heard birds and saw them flying back from their winter migration in a V formation. I saw motorcycles, a boy on a scooter, t-shirts, and girls wearing a dress and summer wedge shoes. Spring feels like it's already here.

With the warmer weather, I felt like doing some Spring cleaning. I forgot to take a picture at the very beginning of cleaning so the first picture was taken mid-through the process of rearranging my bookshelf. The picture to the right is the end result. I'm not completely happy with it, as it's a work in process, but it's much more organized than it was before.

I got over wanting to keep all my stuff together in my room and bought bins to store my stuff downstairs. I have some clothes, school notes, and other knick knacks I don't really reach for often. I was able to free up much needed space in my room.

I had dinner at Moxie's with my boyfriend last weekend. I got the Rigatoni that had a mushroom sauce of some kind- it was delicious. We had the dark chocolate mousse for dessert.

Last weekend I also went to go see Avenue Q which was located at the Lower Ossington Theatre with my siblings. My sister told me it was like a mash-up of Sesame Street and Rent. I only know Sesame Street but not Rent. It was... interesting. It was a bit unexpected. What I did like about it however was how they touched up on real life issues that I could relate to.

"To those who have given up on love: I say, Trust life a little bit." -Maya Angelou


LittoMokaa said...

Oooohh did you say boyfriend?!?!? I'm so happy for you!!! Best wishes to both of you ^_^

Denysia Yu said...

The food looks delicious! :)