Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5.131 Obsessions: H&M, Zara

I'm know I'm not very good at keeping my blog up to date with my life, but in this post I will share a few clothing garments I recently picked up that you can still find in-stores.

I'm getting a good feeling about getting back into a few swing of things. That includes beauty blogging, blogging about everyday kind of things, high-end makeup purchases, and my Dior obsession. I love Dior. It's my favourite makeup brand so it doesn't come as a surprise that I would pick that obsession back up again. Keep your eyes peeled for future purchases. I have a couple I will share soon.

And speaking of obsessions, I tend to go through many of them. My recent obsessions have been with clothes. I've been a busy bee filling up my closet.

I have always loved shopping at H&M but recently I've found myself really obsessed with the store. You can't find the furry bag or knit furthest to the top in-stores anymore, but you can find the white knit with rose gold shoulder detail and the skull long sleeve top still. I have been trying to get more knits because my closet seriously lacks in that department.

If there is one item from H&M I would recommend getting, it would be the white knit with rose gold detailing.

I mean look at how good it looks on. My boyfriend (surprise!) loves it on me and I even got a compliment from a waitress who also asked where I bought it. I'm telling you, it's a must-have. The back is slightly longer in back, so it's really flattering. I think this was $39.95 or something. I was surprised to find this style knit because it looks more like a Forever21 piece than a H&M piece.

H&M Black Patterned Blazer.
I also picked up this blazer with a beautiful lace design. It's the same cut and style as the plain black one I bought last year, but because I love the lace design and fit of this blazer so much, I got this one too. The lace gives it such elegance and tones it down so that it isn't so business-like. I really love the cut and style of this H&M blazer!

Another obsession I've had is with Zara. After buying their Velveton Military coat, I can't help but check out their stores every time I hit the mall. You can still find the leggings and white shirt (top right) in-stores, the other shirt and jeans I bought when they had their huge sale.

Zara Blouse With Pocket.
Here's a closer look at the blouse. You guys must know by now how much I love blouses. I don't know what it is with them, but I always find myself gravitating towards them. This was $49.90- yeah Zara prices are killer @__@

The leggings are made with a thicker material so I'm more comfortable with the idea of wearing them. The two panels on either side also gives me better shape and the gold zipper at the bottom adds some interest. I can't exactly remember the price but they were around $30.

And last but not least, Forever 21. I'm not obsessed with Forever 21 currently because I've been quite disappointed with what they have to offer. Being such a big store, I couldn't believe that I could not find one item to my liking. I did manage to score two things in their accessories department though. I bought the small studs because I needed some earrings to wear on my second piercings.

The necklace was a surprise find. Doesn't it look more like H&M than Forever21? In any case, I'm glad they had it because I love it.

And to back-track, yes... I have a boyfriend now ^^
About time right?

"We do not see the world as it is. We see the world as we are." -Talmud


Denysia Yu said...

Wow, I love the sweater with the rose gold detailing! :)

helen said...

Oh Nat, you have to tell me how you snatched your bf :P I have a love & hate relationship with H&M at the moment lol. I see things I like every time I go in, but I cant justify paying full price 'cause I can prob find something similar at Dynamite (with discount) so it's like blehhhhh even tho H&M makes clothes look edgier. OH and since Zara opened up their online shopping site today, I see myself buying lots of shoes from their kids department!! lol

IchigoBunnie said...

boyfriend!!!! congrats!! im happy for you :)

love the sweater u tried on and got at H&M :) it looks great! and who doesn't love a good blazer.

I've been wanting thicker leggings for myself since I don't wanna walk around in thin leggings and a short top, but I can't justify spending $30-40 for leggings xD I'm cheap and currently kinda poor lol. And that blouse looks very nice! I'm always in search for white blouses for some reason even tho I already have like two. But I haven't found "the perfect one" yet. That Zara one you have right there is pretty much what I've been looking for! Too bad it's so expensive xD

The necklace looks chic! And yea it does look H&M ish. Interesting to find at Forever21. And yay for earrings for second piercing. I got my second piercing done about 2 months ago. Though I think I have enough earrings already in my drawer for my second piercing. For now I'm just using a basic cubic zicona or however you spell it.

bah I babbled in your comments section! xD Time to go. See you later Nat!

mizzsandychau said...

Hi beautiful lady!!
I love those outfits you got, that knit with the studs is really cute! I haven't been to a mall in a long time, i'm still trying to recover from my recent large purchase haha.

BOYFRIEND! Aww i'm so happy for you girl, introduce!!!

LittoMokaa said...

Love the top with that rose gold detailing! I aldo have almost the exact same top except that mine has studs on the shoulder :P I love the leggings from Zara too! I like to wear them during winter :) Can't wait for you to share more purchases! <3