Sunday, February 24, 2013

5.128 Signature Look

This winter I have really been enjoying two things I bought myself back in November/December in preparation for the colder weather. I was due for a new winter coat as I've been wearing the same one for 4-5 years. While searching, however, I realized that there weren't many choice available. The most popular coats that came to mind were by Canada Goose and Aritzia. I've never been interested in the Canada Goose jackets and the Aritzia coats look hideous on me. In the end I didn't manage to find a winter coat replacement, but I did end up finding a beautiful Fall/Winter coat at Zara!

Zara Velveton Military Coat.
When the weather is chilly and not minus a million degrees out, I put on this beautiful military-inspired coat. Sorry the coat is a bit wrinkled, but it's because I've worn it several times already.

I love military-inspired pieces and I love how luxurious this coat is. This coat was actually my first purchase from Zara. I've since purchased a couple more garments that I've yet to show-and-tell. I really like this coat because it's elegant yet has a little masculinity.

The other item I've been enjoying a lot were the new boots I got myself. If the conditions are right, I allow myself to get a new pair of boots every Fall season. This year I definitely made that point by splurging.
Aldo Kasbatadla Riding Boot.
When I saw these bad boys I knew I had to have them. I really LOVE the look of riding boots, especially these pair because of the combination of suede and leather. It just looks so lux! They were $190 and they were worth every penny. You can probably tell what kind of style I gravitate towards. Paired with my military coat above and it's instant love. I officially have my signature look pat-down.

Of course with the amount of money and usage I've put into these boots, I want to make sure I take care of them.
In comes Aldo's shoe care products to the rescue! All three of these products work really well to care for my leather boots, but there's one product that I absolutely have to rave about- the winter boot wipes.

You can easily find leather sprays and conditioners in other stores, but what makes these wipes unique is that it removes salt stains on leather and suede. The sales associate helping me was extremely helpful, she informed me that I can use it on suede and that it wouldn't damage it. It works amazingly. It not only removes all the salt and dirt, it also conditions and protects too. I really recommend this, especially to those who experience Canadian winter. This was only $6.99 and there's 15 wipes in each package.

I've touched up on a lot of things that have been in dire need of an upgrade. That includes my phone, my wallet, my bag, new boots, and a coat for Fall/Winter. The next big thing to update is my laptop. I'm going to go for the Macpro in a few months time- not because I'm an Apple fanatic, but because I know they're good machines (plus I hate the new Windows 8).

"Being with you and not being with you is the only way I have to measure time." -Jorge Luis Borges

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mizzsandychau said...

I love Zara jackets! i think they are so pretty and lady like. the jacket you got is so pretty, i think i saw something similar.
speaking of winter jackets, i splurged like hell today, i bought a parajumpers jacket. i feel so poor now