Saturday, February 16, 2013

5.126 Where You Can Find Me

"Will you be my Valentine?" That was the first time anyone has every said that to me. And although I was aware that it was Valentine's day, it kind of took me by surprise. I guess it shows that you're never too old for "firsts". But other than being Valentine's day, Feb 14th marked another mile stone for me- 4 years of blogging! I can't believe it's been that long! I really hope I can continue blogging for a long time because it's fun for me to do.

I also wanted to take this moment to update you girls on where else you can find me on the web.

Most of you are probably aware that I have a Twitter account.
I used to share coupon/freebie updates but I've kind of left that scene. I don't use Twitter that much actually. It's mostly sporadic updates right now as I'm not into daily or moment-to-moment updates like some people are. I basically use Twitter to share my thoughts or do mini life updates that can easily be done with just words. I do occasionally share some of my instagram photos on here too though.

Which of course leads me to letting you know that I signed up for Instagram.
Some of you already have found out but I didn't want to formally announce it on my blog until I had at least a few pictures up and was sure that I was going to stick with it. I mainly share photos that I otherwise have trouble incorporating into my blog posts because they're so random. You'll see pictures of things I find interesting, places I go to, or just random stuff I use to share on my blog but don't anymore because it's too chaotic if I do. There's a chance you'd get a first sneak-peek at things before I post about it on my blog.

I also have a Tumblr account.
I'm happy to report that I have been keeping up with my Tumblr. I mainly share photos of things off the internet of what I want or find interesting. Most of the time you'll see items on here that I'll buy in the near future, so it's like a step into the future kind of sneak-peek. Although I still have to get into it, I also want to share photos of outfits that I find inspirational too. I did a couple of these in the beginning but then stopped because I didn't have time to go look around for outfits I liked. Hopefully I can get back into it.

Lastly, I have a Youtube account.
I don't do videos but you can see what videos I add to my playlists and what videos I like and favourite.

All of these links can be found on the side bar. I made a little social media follow toolbar that I'm happy with. I also made a few tweaks to my blog's appearance that you might have not noticed because they were such small changes. Nonetheless, I couldn't be happier with how it is right now.

"It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop." -Confucius

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IchigoBunnie said...

i started following you on instagram. My username on there is gracie621 so if i comment you'll know it's me lol. ( I'm wondering if I should go public myself with my instagram. Maybe I should...sharing photos is fun. I guess I'll make a new post on it then! As for tumblr and twitter, I never got into it actually because I don't know how to use it lol, but maybe i should make a twitter account;it seems handy. Anyway, glad to see you updating your blog and your other accounts :)