Saturday, February 2, 2013

4.122 Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift 2013

I picked up my gift in January but I didn't have time to blog about it since I've been a bit busy with my personal life.

This year, Sephora teamed up with Benefit to give us Beauty Insiders this cute mini set that consists of their popular "They're Real" mascara and "Watt's Up" highlighter.

I'm sure you're aware, but I'll mention it anyway, these are deluxe sample sizes- they are not full sized products. Still, it's a pretty generous amount especially for something you get for free.

I was so excited to try the mascara because it has been highly raved about. Just looking at the brush, I could already tell that I would love it- and indeed I did. It keeps my lashes curled and lifted, lengthens, and does an excellent job at defining and separating. It also does a decent job with volumizing- it's buildable and doesn't clump. I give it two thumbs up. The only thing is that since the mascara wand is made of hard plastic, the bristles will prick you if you happen to get too close to your lash line. I've owned plastic bristled mascara wands before, but they were not as hard as the bristles on this wand.

As for the highlighter, I have not had the chance to try it, but I did do a swatch of it on my hand for you. It's a champagne gold colour and it looks as though it would look really lovely on the skin.

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mizzsandychau said...

ooo first time i see what this year's gift is. looks good, but i always waste those mascara's, i have so many sample size ones that i never seem to use.
i really love 2012's bday gift, i've only started using them because my bday was in december. love the lip balms so much! they smell soooo good!

IchigoBunnie said...

nice! it'll be a good half year before I'll be able to pick up this for myself haha. thanks for the mini review on them :) btw I didn't know it was your birthday, so belated Happy Birthday!

LittoMokaa said...

Happy belated birthday Nat! :D I've been wanting to try this mascara but I'll be waiting for my actual mascara to expire before I purchase a new one. Happy to know it works!