Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4.61 Weekly Indulgence [May 13-19] Bioderma Sensibio H2O Makeup Remover Cleanser + Essence Stay With Me Lipgloss "My Favourite Milkshake"

You know what's weird? Now that I've allotted myself to these small little weekly buys, the shopaholic in me all of a sudden decides to go into hibernation. I guess there's no fun in being "forced" to shop. I have one more weekly buy to share, but I'm unsure if I will be able to continue these weekly indulgence posts. I guess we'll see what happens.

The week of the 13th-19th buys are what I came across while browsing in Shoppers.

I kept hearing really great things about the Bioderma makeup remover cleanser but never purchased it because I always assumed it would be similar to my Lancome cleansing water. But then when I stumbled upon the mini bottle at Shoppers for $6.95(?), I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try it without breaking the wallet. There were two version to choose from, sensitive skin and oily/combination- I opted for the sensitive one.

Bioderma Sensibio H20: Cleanses, removes makeup, soothes. Non-rinse. Fragrance free.
Soak a cotton pad. Cleanse/remove makeup from face and eyes. Dry gently.

It lives up to the hype as it removes makeup really well. It's similar to my Lancome Eau Fraiche Doucer (facial cleansing water). The noticeable difference would be that the Lancome has a really pleasant smell while the Bioderma is non-scented, otherwise they both perform about the same. I love using cleansing waters to remove my face makeup because it feels like I'm using "super" water since it feels like water but is capable of removing makeup. Two thumbs up for both!

The other item I got was the Essence Stay With Me lipgloss in "My Favourite Milkshake". It's a milky peachy pink which was the first colour that caught my eye. The wand is pretty interesting as it curves in to better fit your lips. It's also conveniently small so that you can just throw it in your purse without it taking up a lot of space. This lipgloss was only $2.99- a price most drugstore products have ventured from.

One of the greatest feats about this lipgloss is that it's pretty pigmented. It actually manages to change the colour of my pigmented lips (and some lipsticks can't even do that). It's the only lip product I own that makes my lips look really milky peachy-pink. It's not too thick and not too thin- just the perfect consistency. I don't find it sticky and it gives a great gloss shine. The smell is a bit typical of a lipgloss- kind of candy-like but really faint and definitely not annoying. The gloss stays on for a few hours before I have to reapply. I absolutely love it. I'm definitely going to go back and get some other colours. This is the first lipgloss I've really loved, and that's saying something coming from me.

Haha I betcha you didn't expect to see a fish in this post. A family friend gave us this Chinook Salmon(?)- at least that's what I'm guessing it is. It was huge.

"Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have." - Unknown

Monday, May 28, 2012

4.60 The Gardens

Sorry my posts are a bit boring these days... I don't have much of a life anymore since I got this job working graveyard shifts =( Everyday I get up super late leaving me with only a few hours to myself before going to work and doing it all over again. It sucks because now that I have some money to do things I would enjoy (ie. eating out and exploring), I can't because I have no time! And also lately I'm kind of freaking out because I haven't found a dress yet to wear to my upcoming graduation on June 12th. I don't know why I didn't think of looking for a dress months prior to this- now I have no time! This Friday (my day off) I'm going to hit the mall to see if I can find something. If I don't end up finding a dress, I'll just have to find a dressy top and wear dress pants =\ I've never worn a dress to any of my graduations for middle school or high school. I'm hoping that my university graduation would be different -___-' Here's to hoping.

These pictures were taken 2 weeks ago so some flowers have already bloomed and most are a lot bigger now. I haven't had the time to take pictures so I'll do another update soon.
This is the garden bed in the front of our house. The iris in the middle already bloomed with tons of purple flowers.

This is in our backyard. This year my lilac didn't bloom with much flowers at all =( Maybe it's not its year or maybe it has too many leaves. I'll have to look up what has affected its ability to flower.

On the other hand, the other lilac plant on the other side bloomed beautifully this year. So many flowers!

We have bald spots in our lawn so I had to repair them. I think I might have to sprinkle some more grass seeds because they're still slightly bald.

This is my vegetable garden! Again, remember this was taken 2 weeks ago so the plants have been coming along very nicely.

These are the raspberry plants that my sister's friend gave us.

The peas.

Tiny tim tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, and garlic chives.

Green onions.


So that was my garden 2 weeks ago. When I have time I'll take updated pictures. The plants have been growing really well and I grew most of them from seed. Only the raspberry, mint, green onion, and garlic chives I didn't grow from scratch.

"If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably won't lead you anywhere." -Unknown

Thursday, May 24, 2012

4.59 Calvin Klein Undergarments

If you're doing something you're not particularly proud to share with others, but find yourself in situations where you have to share anyway, know that there is always a better way to say it. Just by finding the right phrase to explain what you're doing in a better light, you'll already feel more empowered about your situation. Take me for example. I still haven't figured out my life and what I want to do, and it's not something that's easy for me to have others know. The worst thing I can say to someone asking me about my future is an "I don't know" answer. The better answer would be "I haven't found my niche yet. I don't want to jump into something I'm not committed to" or "I'm taking a break from school." All answers are true, but not only do the latter sound better, it also shows people that I'm being smart about it since I'm cautious of not jumping into something I'm not 100% sure about. Just remember that you should never feel ashamed of what you're doing- ever.

So something a little different for today. A post on undergarments! Well this post is more focused on Calvin Klein bras but I also love Calvin Klein underwears.

I know a lot of people probably love La Senza and Victoria Secret but I personally love Calvin Klein. La Senza may have cheap sales but most of the bras that do go on sale are cotton- which I'm not a huge fan of. And while Victoria Secret bras seem nice, they are hella expensive. In comes Calvin Klein as the in-between brand. Most Calvin Klein bras if not on sale are about $40-50. But trust me when I say this, I have not yet paid full price for a Calvin Klein bra (and I own quite a bit of them already). The prices I buy them for typically hover around the $16.99-$20 mark. The secret? It's all in knowing where to buy them and catching them on sale.

Taken from the site: "Since its inception, Calvin Klein Underwear for Men and Women has led the market by offering consumers cutting-edge design, innovative fabrics, and exceptional fit and quality. Known for its iconic advertising campaigns featuring top models, celebrities, and newly discovered talent, Calvin Klein Underwear continues to evolve its reputation as the brand of choice for consumers who want sexy, fashionable, and comfortable underwear.

Calvin Klein Underwear is synonymous with quality. The fits and fabrications are developed to perfection to preserve the brand's standard of excellence. Men's fabrics range from comfortable cottons to edgy sheer synthetics, while women's product includes foundations with clean and comfortable silhouettes, daywear with sexy lace elements and satin touches, as well as fashion trend-forward prints and styles."

Calvin Klein bras offer 3 different coverages.

"Envy" Coverage Level 1 - less coverage, more revealing.

"Perfectly Fit" Coverage Level 2 - everyday coverage, classic comfort.

"Seductive Comfort" Coverage Level 3 - more coverage, more support.

I only have one "envy" bra which has the least coverage and support, and the rest of my bras are "perfectly fit" which I find are the best fitting bras for me (beats La Senza by a long shot). I don't buy "seductive comfort" though because I don't need that much coverage if you know what I mean. And along with the three different coverage levels, they also offer push up bras if you needed the extra push.

So where do I buy my bras? Winners of course! But you have to be quick as they tend to sell out fast (especially if your size is popular). You just can't beat $16.99 for a really great quality bra. Calvin Klein bras fit me perfectly (unlike the La Senza ones I used to wear) and they feel really comfortable too.

Other times you can also find Calvin Klein bras on sale at department stores such as The Bay. The bra pictured above was about $25 after there was an additional percentage off the last ticketed price. A tip for The Bay is to wait for multiple markdowns instead of buying at only one markdown.

So there you have it- my love for Calvin Klein undergarments. I also love their underwear too which you can also find at Winners for less. Have you tried Calvin Klein? What's your favourite?

"Don't let people drive you crazy when you know it's in walking distance." -Unknown

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4.58 Challenge Accepted

It's the third week into my job and boy have I learned a few things. During the first day of work I experienced carpel tunnel because I worked myself too hard. It wasn't until I got home and looked up why my thumb, index, and middle finger on my right hand felt numb did I realize it was indeed carpel tunnel. I literally couldn't feel anything with those fingers for a few days (it was scary but thankfully I'm fine now). From this, I realize how much we take the simple things in life for granted. It's not until we lose them do we begin to really appreciate them. The whole situation also made me realize how important it is to keep in mind how easy it is to develop carpel tunnel or any workplace injury in general. Now even when I'm at home I make sure my wrist are at the right level when I'm on my laptop. It's the small things that can accumulate to create a bigger problem, so make sure you're keeping this in mind too!

The workplace environment I work in is also very chilly and cold to preserve the fruits and veggies. Because of this, I've also had to pay attention to keeping my skin (not just my face) moisturized. If you know me, you'd know that I'm horrible at using body lotions. But now I use body lotion every time I get out of the shower to absorb and retain as much moisture as I can. I've also had to pay attention to applying a liberal amount of hand cream since I experienced dry cuticles. After relying on Google to diagnose my symptoms again, I learned that when your cuticles are damaged (dry and peels away from your nail), bacteria can get in which creates that minor pain just on the crevice of the side of your nail. I've always thought that keeping it moisturized would be enough, but I read that you can counter the pain by just applying antibiotic cream. The second I applied the antibiotic cream = instant relief.

Another challenge I face, which is something I also experience outside the workplace, is the fact that people perceive me as innocent and vulnerable- in other words incapable. This makes people feel like they need to "protect" me. Although I can see how this can be advantageous during the caveman era... it's not very reassuring in this day and age when people think I'm a total weakling. It's partly the reason why I'm careful with being too girly when it comes to my style, other than actually liking wearing badass pieces anyway. But at the same time, it's not my fault that people perceive me this way. I know how strong I am inside, it's just something people don't know about me just by looking at me.

I have to learn to not be so hard on myself when it comes to feeling conceited when I have a gut feeling that someone likes me. I've learned to trust my gut instincts, so I should definitely stop doubting myself. Although being an interest to males may be something other females would love... I find it particularly uncomfortable. Sure it's nice to know I'm "desirable"... but I certainly don't need men's help to feel beautiful. It's annoying to always be on edge when I'm trying to be friendly to the opposite sex. I just have to keep in mind that it's not my fault if a guy likes me- it's their choice not mine.

The last thing I want to talk about today is reassurance. With the above challenges I've also been reassured about how strong minded I've grown. It's not until you're tested in the real world do you have an idea of how much you've grown from your past experiences and how strong you've really become. It's nice to know that I didn't go through what I did for no reason at all. I've learned and I'm extremely grateful for everything.

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, May 19, 2012

4.57 Weekly Indulgence [May 6-12] Well.ca - Maybelline Color Tattoos

Since getting the new job, I've decided to do something for myself weekly to keep myself on budget while keeping me motivated and happy. I will allot myself a weekly indulgent purchase(s) that hovers around $10-20 or less. Most of these purchases will probably makeup since I still want to try new beauty items without feeling guilty about how I shouldn't buy anymore since I have so much already. Of course there will be other purchases (not a weekly thing) from time to time since I love shopping haha, but obviously I'll be smart about budgeting and spending.

It's funny thing though. I thought having a job would make me feel more excited to shop since I have more options open to me now... but no, haha. I work 4 graveyard shifts and 1 daytime shift a week so I don't really have much time to shop, plus most of the time I'm too tired to do anything else other than watch tv and catch up on youtube. I have a feeling that these weekly purchases (which may or may not happen some weeks) will mostly be made online.

With the lack of time and interest to go out and shop, the fastest most reliable website to purchase drugstore cosmetics in Canada is from Well.ca. In about 1-3 days my package is at my doorstep, how cool is that? Usually I have to wait about 1-2 weeks (mostly 2) if I purchase on other sites. And if you wait for sales you can get about the same or better prices than Walmart.

Taken from the site: "Well.ca is Canada's largest online health and beauty store. At Well.ca, we aim to be a friendly, compassionate, and responsible company that makes every effort to best serve our customers' health and beauty needs."
And you darn tootin' better believe it to be true, because it is! Well.ca is the bomb in my books.

This purchase was from when Well.ca had 20% off all their beauty products.

They always come well packed. My items were bubblewrapped and placed in a small bag.

From the above pictures, I only actually bought 3 pots (bottom row) from the site since I already owned 2 of them (top row). I just wanted to show them altogether. I love these Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadows. They're so convenient to use and the color payoff is amazing. Plus did I mention how incredible the staying power is?

From left to right: "Tough as Taupe" (matte), "Bad to the Bronze", "Bold Gold", Pomegranate Punk", "Audacious Asphalt". I love love love these colours. These shadow pots are creamy, smooth, and very easy to blend. Most of the time I just use my ring finger to apply, but sometimes I use my cream shadow brush for more precise application.

My favourites are "Tough as Taupe" and "Bad to the Bronze" as they're great everyday colours. It's funny because when these first came out, I wasn't even the slightest interested in getting them. I was more interested in the L'Oreal Infalliable shadows at the time. Ichigobunnie was the one who sent me my first one, "Bad to the Bronze" in a package and I immediately fell in love at first swatch. Soon after I bought "Tough as Taupe". I've never been interested in shadow pots before, but Maybelline has got me hooked! I'm almost certain that I won't be purchasing any high-end shadow pots though. I'll just stick to these Maybelline ones since they're so affordable and perform superbly. I think next time I catch a sale, I'll be picking up "Too Cool". I hope they come out with more colours in the future.

"How others see you is not important. How you see yourself means everything." -Unknown

Monday, May 14, 2012

4.56 Mascara Shield + Aquafina Hydrating Rollerball Lip Balm + Mail Call

Who else loves a good marathon? Obviously I did this Lord of the Rings marathon before I got my job. Call me a noob if you will, but I didn't realize that being into something like The Lord of the Rings is considered "nerdy" LOL. I bought these special edition dvds separately a long time ago. I also used to have the heroes and villains deck playing cards, LOTR bookmarks with "the ring" attached to them, and even a hobbits journal I bought from Scholastic when I was in middle school haha. I still love LOTR today and I'm super glad I purchased the special edition dvds. You get to see how much work was put into the movies. The Fellowship used to be my favourite, but now it's the Two Towers because I like how the characters have more chemistry and interaction with each other (especially Legolas and Gimli).

I went out this weekend and let me tell you, you have no idea how good it felt to wear normal clothing haha. For work I'm all bundled up because we work in a cool chilly place because of the fruits and veggies. On top of bulky winter clothing, I also wear gloves, a hat, and a hairnet. Needless to say, I look atrocious. Still into my coloured bottoms. Here I'm wearing my Esprit Five Slim pants in blue. I love these pants and I wish the Esprit stores were still here in Canada!! =(

I saw this Mascara Shield on sale for a couple of bucks on ebay and was interested in trying it out since I always see Queenie using an eye shield when she uses mascara to prevent it from getting it on her lids or elsewhere. I also bought one to send in a package to Ichigobunnie. The teeth on the edges are a little bit sharp though... and it definitely gets some getting used to. It doesn't help me much since my lashes are long enough that I don't usually get any mascara on my lids or elsewhere. I'll still use it though, and it helps with the bottom lashes if I ever do decide to coat them that day.

I've always wanted to try the EOS lip balms ever since it hit the youtube and blogger scene. However, the reason why I never did try them was because of the mixed reviews. That and my sister did get to try the melon flavour and let me know that it wasn't moisturizing at all. Then I see this little fellow at Walmart in the little aisles by the cashiers and decided to pick one up to try since I love Aquafina lipbalms.

Aquafina Hydrating Rollerball Lip Balm: Our unique moisture replenishing system, combined with a botanically enriched formula of jojoba and almond oils, delivers maximum hydration and shine. Enjoy the clean, crisp, and refreshing experience of Aquafina Lip Balm.

I thought the lip balm would be similar to their stick ones I love so much but unfortunately it's not. It's waxy and doesn't come onto my lips as well as I'd like. I assume they made this rollerball lip balm more waxy because if they had made this the same formula as their stick ones, it'd melt all over the place and all over your lips. I wouldn't repurchase this because it's not that moisturizing, but I still love the Aquafina lip balms in stick form.

Mail Call~

I know I say this often but... I haven't done this in ages! Sorry I haven't been able to tweet more deals, coupons, and freebies. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I'm more busy now so I won't be able to do that as often anymore. I'll still try my best to do so though and will continue to tweet whenever I came across something.

I love thinsations. They taste so good and they're only 100 calories a bag! Needless to say, this was devoured in seconds.

Got 2 samples of the Glad Compostable bag for our compostable recycling kitchen bin. Came in handy of course.

I heard this John Frieda foam hair dye is really good. I gave this freebie to my sister since I don't dye my hair.

Another free hair dye! They also included a $4 coupon for he 24hr cosmetics. I gave this hair dye to my mom to try out.

I didn't realize that you can only redeem this in Toronto. 

Haven't redeemed this yet because I have no idea what to do with cottage cheese.

Bogo coupon for some Shirriff Mousse. I read it wrong and thought it was a fpc (free purchase coupon) at first.

Packaged honey that you can conveniently bring along with you. I gave 2 to my grandmother since she loves eating honey on toast.

I'm not a fan of grain cereals in general, but my brother is!

Always love me some laundry samples. I use them when I'm handwashing my clothes.

"Worrying won't keep the bad stuff from happening. It just keeps you from enjoying the good." -Unknown