Thursday, January 26, 2012

3.35 RECIPE: Egg Muffin

*Please read ingredients and instructions carefully. If you don't know terminology please take the time to look them up or ask in the comments*

Eggs for breakfast are my most favourite thing to eat in the morning- sunnyside, scrambled, boiled, egg in the basket, english muffin... you name it, I'll eat it!


1           English Muffin Bread
1 tsp     Butter
1           Egg
Pinch    Salt
1 slice   Cheese


First pop the english muffin bread into your toaster or toaster oven.

On medium heat, put a little bit of butter in the pan (you don't need that much, I put a little too much here).

 After you crack your egg in and break the yolk, shape the egg quickly by scraping the sides of the egg inwards. Cook the inside by creating slits with your cooking utensil. Then sprinkle a pinch of salt over it.

Turn off the heat and add processed cheese on top.

The residual heat will melt the cheese.

Place in between the two slices of english muffin bread and you're ready to enjoy breakfast!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

3.34 Chuc Mung Nam Moi

That's Viet for Happy New Year (it's Lunar New Year if you think I'm crazy). Tis the year of the dragon- my year! :D

Pictured here are fruits, banh chung, and banh tet to honour the dead (this wasn't all of it nor how we presented it, I only took a before shot of what was available at the time). I love eating banh chung and banh tet around this time. New Year Asian food in general are the best!

Yesterday we also visited the Temple to pay our respects. I have a long history with this temple before they built this new temple (I was there to commemorate the building site- when they stuck the shovel into the ground). Before they bought this land and built this temple, they used to be very small. My grandma would bring me, my siblings, and cousins there every weekend. Although the temple is now improved, I also find that it's less personal.

This morning I had some of banh gio. Sorry this one looks so weird haha. I pierced it to season with some soy sauce and took a bite before I remembered to take a picture.

Saturday we visited P.A.T. Korean supermarket to get a few things. Inside they were selling freshly made Taiyaki (crispy red bean waffle) at one of the food stands. I've never had one before, it was scrumptious!

I made Salmon for dinner. This was my first time cooking with fish.

Lastly, what I had on my nails for New Years (currently wearing it right now too). 
I am obsessed with my left hand because I love the design.

Here is my right hand. I drew the stripe on my thumb a little too thick. These pictures were taken right after I painted them- so there's a few odd smudges here and there. I usually like to let it naturally fall away from my skin.

Nicole by OPI in "No Limits" is by far the most beautiful dark coloured nail polish I own (then again, I only own a couple of dark ones haha). I applied only one coat and it comes out that opaque. Most of the time the colour looks black, but in the light you can tell that it's this deep rich dark navy blue. I love it!

"It doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters where you go. Because no-one gets remembered for the things they didn’t do." -Frank Turner

Thursday, January 19, 2012

3.33 Mail Call + Revlon "Carbonite"

Mail Call~

On that note, I haven't done a mail call post for a long while. Remember you can like my FB page, follow me on Twitter, use the Twitter or FB button on the down toolbar, or glance on the sidebar for my latest tweets *gasps for breath*.

Normally I don't take part in freebies that are of no use to me, but for some reason I wasn't thinking when I  signed up for this one... It's a marine poster if you were wondering. 

This Telus 2012 calendar will definitely come in handy!

Kotex is my preferred brand for feminine products. TMI?

This is the second round of samples from I've received (they've sent out a similar package last year). It's really great to try new products.

Who doesn't love freebies? Thank you Tenderflake!

This smelled nice but I'm sure it's really expensive.

Halls for only 10 cents. I passed this onto my brother because I don't easily get sick.

Calcium supplement. I've never heard of this brand before.

My brother loves Irish Spring body wash. I gave both of these to him because I'm not too particular to the very strong smell of Irish Spring.

Sunmaid recipes. The style of this recipe book brings me back to my grade school days.

I ran out of my deodorant recently so I started to use this. It smells nice and fresh.

These are the best kinds of freebies. Ever.

These came really late in December so I didn't have a chance to use it at all... oh well.

This is the second time around I've made these "Bounty" chocolates (inside is coconut). Bounty is one of my favourite chocolate bars so I wanted to make it since it's so expensive. I had to adjust the recipe the first time around because it was way too sweet. I don't think I will be able to share my version until Christmas rolls around again though.

Revlon "Carbonite". I'm so glad I got this in the 3 for $5 deal during Boxing week. It was a total steal and it's such a beautiful colour.

Hello Resident Evil- one of my favourite film franchises.

"'I'm Sorry' is a statement. 'I won't do it again' is a promise. 'How do I make it up to you' is a responsibility." -Unknown

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3.32 Naruko @T&T! + Loblaws Superstore

About a couple of weeks ago, I made visit to my local T&T Supermarket to get some ingredients to make a Korean spicy tofu soup I saw online. One of these days I will share the recipe on my blog as I took inspiration from two recipes and modified it to my taste.

I love shopping at T&T because it's one of the supermarkets around me that has a huge selection of Asian goods, a beauty section, and it's clean. A lot of Asian supermarkets are kind of filthy to be honest. But this one is super clean and nice to shop at.

Taken from the site: "T&T Supermarket’s mission is to enrich the lifestyle of our customers by bringing Asian-Canadian families fresh foods that they love, and introducing to mainstream Canadian families the diversity of Asian food culture at stores that offer exceptional convenience, service, and value.

'Freshness' is our most important operating value, which is practised along with 'customer satisfaction' to enhance our one-stop shopping convenience and personable service standards. T&T Supermarket’s vision is to be the best Asian supermarket chain in Canada."

Because the Lunar New Year is nearing, there are a lot of  "New Year" food being sold in the supermarkets right now. Very festive.

This red pepper paste was the main ingredient I was looking to buy. This is my second container actually. I needed to go back and purchase another after my sister used more than half of the first container when she made bibimbap (I used the rest to make the soup on several occasions).

I always love the bakery section. Everything looks so delish.

Have you ever tried mango cheesecake? I really like it. I have yet to attempt to make this one myself.

The section I love most at T&T is their beauty section. There's not much, but it's better than nothing.
Lots of masks- particularly My Beauty Diary Masks. They often go on sale for around $11.99.

Aside from the usual beauty products I see there all the time (with the exception of a few)... I was pleasantly surprised and extremely pleased to see Naruko products!

I think this was limited edition special though... not sure. I should have tweeted this but I tend to forget to use my Twitter account on the go.

I bought the Rose and Snow Fungus Complex for $30. I heard good reviews of the products from the Rose line, plus I love rose scents. I only realized after purchasing that it's about $5 more expensive than what I can get it for online... oh well. I won't be opening this until I use up my Dior or Laneige serum.

On the same day we also dropped by Loblaws Superstore. I love this place because of how big it is. I also like their fresh quality foods, how they have a little drugstore area, and their Joe Fresh brand! The Superstore is a bigger and "super" version of their normal Loblaw grocery stores. It's the same Loblaws grocery store chain I blogged about with their downtown location in the old Maple Leafs Garden building.

Taken from the site: "The President's Choice concept was developed by a talented group of food-inspired people who knew back in the mid-80s that Canadians deserved better quality food choices for their hard-earned dollars. The premise was simple: develop unique or superior products that offered better value to our shoppers. The idea may have been simple, but few could have anticipated how Canadian consumers would come to embrace the President's Choice brand to make it one of Canada's best-known trademarks."

Loblaws also had a little section to celebrate the Lunar New Year too.

Here is the Joe Fresh beauty section. This is a Canadian brand (and so is the grocery store, Loblaws). I don't own any Joe Fresh products although I did read some good reviews. My sister loves Joe Fresh clothing.

I almost about freaked when I saw this Kardashian polish stand- not because I'm a Kardashian fan... but because I love Kim's inspired polish in 'Follow Me On Glitter". There's so much here!

I guess because people don't think to shop at Loblaws for beauty products, there were a ton of Kardashian polishes still left. I was tempted to get a backup because I love this polish. But at $9.99 a piece I felt that it was too much for me to do that. It's a really lovely polish though, if you were on the hunt for this, try Loblaws!

They also carried the new Balm from L'oreal. I actually bought one recently. 

I was quite excited to see the new Revlon Airbrush foundation that just came out. Like I had mentioned before, no one really thinks to come to Loblaws for drugstore beauty products, so only two of the testers were touched. I'm NC20 and my best guess for my shade was "Nude", "Natural Beige" was a little too pink.

I tried it on my hand and here are my quick thoughts on it. 

The mousse is very airy, but once you touch it, it starts to deflate immediately and becomes like a liquid foundation. The pump is inefficient as you can't control how much products comes out at all. The most disappointing part for me is how shimmery and glittery the foundation was. You can actually see the glittery particles in the above picture- keep in mind that this was taken with my phone, which isn't the best at picking up small details, so you can only imagine. I wasn't able to capture the rest but there were loads of shimmer on my hand. Why does Revlon put so much shimmer into some of their products?! I like glowy complexions but I'm not a fan of glitter galore. I was looking forward to this product and was even considering purchasing it... but after testing it on my hand, I am totally passing on this.

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