Thursday, November 1, 2012

4.109 4 Reasons

1) The fluorescent light fixture in my room, the main light source for which I rely on for picture taking, has decided to stop working. Now I'm forced to use this old chandelier light fixture that came with the house when my family moved in 12 years ago. It uses 5 incandescent light bulbs which albeit makes the room look a prettier, but it's terrible when it comes to photos.
2) My 5 year old laptop decides to slow down significantly and starts to cause me some problems. So then, after buying an external hard drive to back up the files I need, I rebooted it back to factory settings and have been frantically trying to update it to the present year. It's still a bit slow and I'm seriously considering replacing it now. 5 years is a long time in the tech world. I'm contemplating going Mac *gasp*.
3) Because I've reset my laptop back to factory settings, I have lost Photoshop- the one program I use to edit and watermark pictures.
4) The weather has been really sh*tty. The effects of Hurricane Sandy has really dampened my mood and has made everything so cold.

And so, that is the predicament of which I find myself in. I do intend to blog though, perhaps as early as tomorrow, if I find the timing suiting. I'll have to make due without Photoshop, although I'm not sure what to do with the lighting situation. I did, however, take a few pictures for upcoming posts before the fluorescent light fixture went out. Hopefully by the time I blog about all those, I will have solved the lighting problem.

Until then.

"If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done." -ECC 11.4

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IchigoBunnie said...

oh no! i hope you get your light fixture problem solved. and yea 5 years is a long time for a laptop or really any technology. Time for a new laptop! :D You know I've never been a fan of Mac laptops but the idea of having no viruses and long battery life is quite tempting. I'm in need of a new laptop too. it's also about 5 years old. well i will see you later Nat! :)