Friday, September 21, 2012

4.99 Expanding The Wardrobe

I feel like all I've been doing is blogging about the past. "This happened a couple weeks ago, this happened a month ago, back a season ago..." Soon enough you'll be hearing me say, "Once upon a time..."

I have a few more posts that will be like this, but hopefully after I get those out of the way, I can blog about what's important: the present.

But for now, here are some clothes that I acquired through the summer months. I realize this post is completely pointless now, but we all love seeing what people buy. I mean, that's why you're here, right? =P

As you know, I love the high-low cut. You will see that most of the tops I bought during the summer possesses this kind of style. I found this top at Forever21. The high-low cut is a lot more drastic and the front is a lot shorter than any top I have. I got it anyway because the stripes gave it an interesting look, plus it's something different to add to my wardrobe.

If you have good memory, or stalker tendencies, you would remember that I have already shown this H&M top before. What happened with my first one was that I forgot and put it in the drier which made it shrink a little which affected the high-low cut I loved so much. Because I loved the original state of this garment, I ran out and got another one.

The three tops shown above are from H&M Black collection. They all possess a subtle high-low cut. For under $20 each, I thought it was a good buy. I love how the fit of them. They flow very nicely.

 Another high-low cut top from H&M but very sheer. The back is completely see through. I liked how they added the pocket detailing on the front.

I picked up some black H&M tanks to wear underneath all these semi-to very sheer tops I acquired.

This gorgeous coral cotton blazer (although it doesn't look so gorgeous on the hanger there) was a total steal. I got it for only $10 on sale at Urban Planet. The picture does it not justice, it looks great on me. I even got compliments when I wore it!

You can probably tell that I love coral. I'm slowly trying to inject more colour in my wardrobe. These pants are from Urban Planet.

These flats are also from Urban Planet. They were only $8 each!! Of course I never expect cheap shoes like these to last though. For the look and the price, I'm not complaining.

But once in a while, I splurge on a pair of shoes that is expected to last. These were on sale though, so I only got them for $40 compared to the $80 retail price.

 I like how they came with their own little duster bags.

Aldo Cyphers Black Flats.
They don't look all that great in the photo for some reason, but the moment I saw this while browsing the Aldo site, I just had to have them. They are so me.

I love the gold buckles against the black. There are identical looking ones currently on the site right now but they are not of suede material like these pair are. I'm not much of a tassles fan, but I love them on these flats.

"Let go, when you're hurting too much. Give up, when love isn't enough. Move on, when things aren't like before." -Unknown


mizzsandychau said...

ohh i love the style and pattern of the first shirt and i love those aldo flats you got. So awesome for work!
it's friday! i'm so happy! this week felt so lonnggggggg, what are you doing over the weekend?

IchigoBunnie said...

i love that your high and low hem shirts! they look great. especially the first one!

The pants look good too. ive been wanting colored pants so badly but i just feel so shy wearing them

and i so need to get myself some more flats before my current ones break down on me. i only have a nude and black pair of flats. maybe two is enough... xD i dunno. ive always wanted a red pair of flats but i havent found any that look young. ive only seen ones that look like they're for older people. oo and im loving the buckle detailing on those black pair of aldo flats. gorgeous!

hope you're doing well Nat :)