Sunday, September 16, 2012

4.98 CNE 2012

It's hard to believe that just one week ago, had I managed to finish and publish this blog post in time, you would have been informed that my life was at a standstill- a bit boring you might say. I would have told you that during times like these, I like to submerge myself into someone else's world whether it be through books, blogs, movies etc. I'm currently still not finished reading the third volume of 50 Shades actually, as the story has grown a bit slow and uninteresting. It could also be because a book like 50 Shades is more entertaining when you don't have a lot going on in your life at the moment. It's not a surprise then why I haven't had the time to finish it, since in the days that followed my boredom, my social life decided to pick up after years of hibernation. I will update you more about everything that has been happening. But for now, I think I've said enough.

Today, I wanted to finally share with you my little visit to CNE with the family back in late August.

Every year, I make it a tradition to visit the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition), an annual community fair event that takes place over 18 days. Normally I love going to CNE, but this year I found it quite boring. It was mainly our fault though because a) we got there midday so a lot of the shows were over; and b) we parked in a new area we've never parked before so we never got greeted with a map and neglected to go fetch one afterwards. So without a map and insufficient time, we didn't get to see any shows or exhibits of interest. I did, however, take a small glance at CNE's history exhibit after going to the restroom (shown above). I couldn't resist getting myself a little history fix. I didn't know The Exhibition place was used as a training camp at one point. Interesting. We even forgot to see the sand sculptures and that whole gardening area. We bi-passed the farm, never went on any rides (though we never do anyway), didn't really play any games, and we never even stepped foot in the food building. Pathetic! This is why you should always grab a map when you go to places like this because you'll have a list of all the shows, exhibits, and have an idea of places to explore. It's easy to get bored without some sort of plan. A map is a total must.

All we basically did this year was shop. The only things I ended up with after browsing the international pavilion were a pair of fresh water pearl earrings and a keychain of a devilish cat. I got it because it resembles a "don't mess with me" vibe. I also really liked the simple plastic bag with twine it came in.

I didn't care much for the clothing outlet shopping. In fact, I didn't even buy a single piece of clothing. Surprising right? I've always been psyched for $10 Bluenote jeans. Then the irony hit me while I stood there completely uninterested in the sea of cheap clothing that surrounded me. Because I have a steady flow of income now, I no longer want to waste my money on cheap low quality clothing that will most likely be found thrown to the back of my closet anyway. I figured I'm not going to buy just for the sake of getting cheap clothing. The only reason I did that before was because I was trying to stretch my dollar as far as I could. It's not often that you come across clothing at super cheap prices, so when you do it's a no brainer to dig, dig, and dig until you find something worth your dollar. Thus, it's ironic that when I don't have money I want to buy cheap clothing, but when I do have money I don't want it. Fascinating isn't it?

After finding myself completely uninterested in the clothing department, I ventured into a favourite of mine, the home goods. At Benix, I was drawn into their whiteware by Joshua Maxwell Studio. What was even better was that they were having an extra 20% off their whiteware, perfect for what I wanted to get.

I ended up buying this set of 4 appetizer bowls. I was sold the moment I could picture plating some delicious food I made into these bowls.

The other item I got was this serving dish that I actually want to use to store jewelry or other things on. I fell in love with the texture of the plate.

Then we went to the other little outlet area where they had other outlet stores. It's was there where I found the cosmetic sales had moved to. Another surprising thing was that I didn't end up buying any cosmetics. Instead, I ended up with a bunch of nail stuff. It was all very cheap though, I got everything for only around $12!

I've heard Borghese products are generally pretty good so I picked these two up since they seemed interesting enough. My nails are weak and could use some hydration and strengthening.

These were the nail polishes I picked up. I'm into nail polish colours that paint almost black. I actually want to collect a whole range of colours that do just that.

Rimmel "Purple Rain" - it's more of a deep plum almost-black colour.

Rimmel "Midnight Blue" - a beautiful dark navy almost-black blue. I already have a rich almost-black blue colour already, but this one is a bit different as it has fine micro shimmers.

Sally Hansen "Uptempo Plum" - the shimmers in this nail polish was what caught my eye. The shimmers are more prevalent in the bottle though than on the nail. 

Then from the First Aid Zone I picked up some dental tools and a pair of shears. It was a mission of mine to pick up the small mirror and the pick. Sometimes I need to check my teeth but don't have the tools necessary to do so. I bought the shears because I want to try cutting my own hair again. I saw a video of a girl showing how she cuts her hair and I just absolutely love her haircut. I also hate/fear going to the hairdresser because they never cut my hair how I like them to. It's like they just don't listen.

The other items I picked up from the First Aid Zone were these supports. It was only $5 for the back support and 2/$5 for the wrist splint. They're good for those just-in-case scenarios.

The last items I bought were these dvds. They were 5/$20. I also asked my sister to pick up the Rush Hour dvd for me when she went back another day. A sale like that just can't be passed up on. Most of these are in my favourite movies, while others are just good to have. I told you my dvd collecting has begun, didn't I?

After we were done shopping, we decided to head outside to grab some food. We were starving at that point.

One of the main events I was excited to go to CNE this year was the food trucks that was happening only that weekend.

I was too hungry to try anything fancy, so I opted for a delicious fatty poutine, something bound to satisfy my appetitie. I thought it tasted alright.

And of course we got Tiny Tom donuts. We had a coupon where if we bought two dozen, we get the third dozen free.

My sister informed me that CNE this year was "retro" themed, meaning that they brought back a lot of old things like this ride shown above.

CNE, although this year was a bit of a disappointing experience for me, I still love you. See you next year when summer ends =)

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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mizzsandychau said...

yayyy i get to see your CNE pictures finally! i wish i took more pictures, but you know that feeling when teh weather just gets too hot and you're all tired and just don't feel like lifting your arms? that's how i always get every year and and up missing good shots!
ooo i love those dishes that you got, and i totally missed out on the dvd section! i mean i passed by but i was so exhausted that i didn't think to go in.
next year i must buy a day pass. i need to feel like a kid again, and the best way to do that is going on kiddy rides!