Thursday, September 27, 2012

4.100 Weekly Indulgence [August 12-18] L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lipstick "Sheer Linen" & "Rose Taffeta"

When I heard that L'Oreal came out with these L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lipsticks I immediately ran to my local Walmart and picked up a few. I had to visit two Walmarts to get the colours I wanted because a lot were sold out at the time. The two lipsticks shown in this post were the first two lipsticks I picked up. I was excited to try these because they were lipstick formulations which would make them more opaque than the Colour Riche Balms. I wasn't really impressed with those because they barely showed up on my pigmented lips.

The ones shown in the above photo are more subtle in colour than the other two I picked up.

Judging from how pretty the colours looked on the outside, I got "Sheer Linen" and "Rose Taffeta".

My apologies as my camera wasn't able to capture the true colours of the lipsticks in the above photo. The lipsticks feel very moisturizing and glide on very smoothly. I am really fond of the formulation of these lipsticks.

As you can probably tell, these lipsticks have a nice shine to them. "Sheer Linen" is a sheer cool nude. It lets my lip colour show through and looks very natural. "Rose Taffeta" is a rosy pink lipstick with blue undertones. Even though I'm not a fan of blue undertoned lipsticks on me, it's still a very lovely colour. On me it's like a "my lips but better" kind of lipstick- minus the hint of blue.

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mizzsandychau said...

ooo the sheer linen looks like such a pretty colour! but nudes never look good on me

IchigoBunnie said...

ah sheer linen looks like a great nude! I'm not too sure if i look too good in nude tho. maybe ill try buying it and return it if i dont like it. thanks for the swatches Nat :)