Friday, August 3, 2012

4.87 Chapters Indigo Online Purchase

We might as well just call my blog a "haul/splurges" blog because I seriously think that's mostly what I'll be blogging about these days. I personally love seeing what people buy (that probably sounds so weird), but it's the reason why I subscribe to youtubers like Felena0 who's channel is purely based on their purchases. I guess I'm just fascinated by new shiny things haha.

Everything shown in this post (except one item) are things I've been wanting but was waiting for to go on sale.

Taken from the site: "If your order is shipping within Canada and the total comes to $25.00 or more (after any coupons or discounts and before taxes), then simply select "Free Shipping" as your shipping method* when you're ready to checkout. It's that easy!

Parcels eligible for Free Shipping average a 3-9 day delivery."

This was the first time I've purchased from Chapter's online store. I always raid their online sale section but I never end up checking out. This time, however, there was one particular item I've been wanting for months that finally went on sale but was sold out in stores.

If I remember correctly, my package came within a week (my book came separately days after). Everything was packaged really well.

In the box was this glass jar I've been eyeing which finally went on sale for $7.50. I've always wanted a jar similar to the doctors office to hold cotton balls in but they were always so pricey. Yay for sales!

Another item I picked up was this zen tea cup. I randomly got it because I needed it to get my $25 free shipping haha, but I also did want a simple tea cup.

The next item was the main reason why I made the online order.
The Emma Bridgewater umbrella! You might have remembered me blogging about how I really wanted this months ago. And guess how much I got it for? $7.50. I'm so glad I waited! ^^

I was pleasantly surprised at how large it was for a fold-up umbrella. I love it!

The last item I got was George Orwell's 1984 book. I read this back in gr.11 and loved it so much. Ever since that time I wanted to own my own copy but never got around to getting it. But after seeing this cover, very simplistic, clean, yet able to capture the essence of the book, I figured it was the perfect time to get it.

"I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars." -Og Mandino


mizzsandychau said...

hey hun! oh you find the cutest things! i love that umbrella!!! remember tuesday with that HUGE thunderstorm. Decided to try out my new umbrella from hong kong. First 5 seconds, it flipped!!!! then i ended up staying under a bus shelter for 30 minutes until it kinda died down. ended up getting soaked anyways sigh...need a new umbrella!

Popcorn said...

Hi Nat!
haha Oh I have been wanting to read that book. What is it about? That umbrella is gorgeous!

Popcorn said...

Nat you are back! ok so I ended up buying the 1984 book last week. The beginning is a bit confusing for me and I still haven't fully understood the double think concept. haha only on page 87 right now. I'm so slow at reading >.<

But ya, you should update your blog soon! ;)