Saturday, June 30, 2012

4.73 Life Is Too Short

The things we put Kirby through hahaha.

No time to do anything. That's my life these days. My to-do list keeps growing longer and longer as the hours on my days off grow shorter and shorter. Most of the time I like to go out shopping because I'm cooped up inside my house before work and then I'm cooped up inside again at my workplace. I get very little sun these days and very little time to myself. I commend my coworkers who do this for life as I could never see myself doing this forever. I find it rather a boring life that involves staying up late, sleeping late, getting up late, having only few hours to do limited activities since you don't have that much time anyway, go to work, and do it all over again- and that's not even accounting those who work two jobs.

There's a quote my sister shared with me after having this discussion with her, "Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life". As understandable as it is in this economy for people to have two jobs, there are those who choose that path because they want two jobs to afford a bigger house, to pay off their expensive car, or buy other frivolous materialistic junk at the expense of quality of life. It's beyond me how they even find the time to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Anyway, luckily we Canadians have a long weekend because of Canada Day this coming Monday July 1st. My sister has gone down to visit New York city with her friends so I have the room all to myself hehe. I'm usually stuck camping out in the living room at night because I'm a night owl and she usually goes to sleep early because she has work early in the morning. Tomorrow I'm heading out to, you guessed it, shop! I'm a shopaholic out of control. So I guess you can expect a ton of "hauls" coming your way. I detest using that word because it sounds ghastly even though I get excited it when that word pops up in my youtube sub box. I love the meaning of hauls, I just hate the word for it.

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." -Unknown