Sunday, June 24, 2012


I had my convocation on Tuesday June 12, 2012. I was done more than 6 months ago but I had to wait for the Spring convocation to graduate. Obtaining a degree is an accomplishment I'm extremely proud of. Before I got accepted to any of the universities I applied to, I was doubted since I wasn't the typical "bright" Asian child. While there are those who don't seem to need to lift a finger to get A's, I have to put in the effort to see the results. If you're curious, I did end up getting accepted to all 3 universities I applied to, heck, I even got offered a small scholarship to a science based psychology program. However, Ryerson was my first pick all along. Aside from how accessible it is by transit and it's downtown core location, there's just something quaint about Ryerson that made me fall completely in love. I'm so proud to join Ryerson's alumni. I can only wish for the best for current and future students, and wish the best to Ryerson in its continuing growth. Needless to say, I will miss reading the Ryerson's weekly Eyeopener student newspaper dearly.

The snazzy tickets that were sent to me in the mail.

Ceremony itinerary that were given to us before the ceremony.

Inside the ceremony! These pictures were taken by my sister with my Nikon d90. Yes, you bet I lugged that heavy piece of machinery all the way downtown -__- But the pictures were so worth it.

This was taken with my phone, the view from where I was sitting.

The Chancellor, the president, and Margaret Atwood (can't remember the other guy). I can't believe Margaret Atwood was there as our guest speaker. She was also there to accept an award or something.

Got what I came for! My diploma! The piece of paper that officially states that I've graduated. I blurred out information just in case.

And of course, I can't do a convocation post without a showing a couple of photos of me. Best picture of the day! Ryerson's mascot, Eggy!

My sister is pro-star at taking photos :D

And before I reveal the dress on me, I'll show it to you on a hanger first.

The day I went shopping for a dress I was quite successful in finding 3 dresses out of 10 or 12 that I picked up to try. The three dresses were by BCBG, Rachel Roy and Moon. I really wanted the Rachel Roy dress because it looked really nice but I thought the cut of the dress was just a tad bit short. The BCBG was a little too loose fitting. So I decided to go with the Moon dress. It was originally $59, then marked down twice to make it only $22!! I killed two birds with one stone- I found a dress for convocation and now I have that little black dress in my closet, yippee!

First time going to any graduation with a dress on :D I'm super glad I opted to wear a dress and heels (my mom's). I actually changed at the school into my attire. There was no way I was going downtown by transit wearing this.

We took a lot of awesome photos but I think these are enough for this public blog haha.

After taking pictures and returning the gown, we headed off to enjoy some refreshments.

Lots of sweet goodies and refreshments too.

And before I go on... you have no idea how great it felt to be able to go into the Ryerson bookstore and buy whatever I wanted without having money limitations be an issue (#studentproblems). I didn't want to let you guys know in this post (for obvious reasons), but when I bought the Ryerson cup as a little souvenir, it wasn't the only thing I wanted to get. I know it probably didn't seem like I held back at all throughout my time here blogging- but I have... secretly. As I was standing in the store that day, I had to actually debate between getting the cup and a little stuffed teddy Eggy (the mascot). I wanted him but I eventually put him back because I just couldn't justify spending money on something like that.

But now that I have a steady income...
Here he is! Mine at last! ^^ And I was lucky because there was only a few left too. It's my plan to put him in the rear window of my car if I ever get around to getting one. Love you Eggy! #schoolpride

And truthfully I promised myself the day I first came to Ryerson that I would gift myself with a Ryerson sweater the day I graduate.
I was even more excited to find one that had my program on it! I got size medium to fit extremely comfy and to lounge around in. 

Initially I had told myself that I would just come back and buy a sweater when I had the budget for it. But nothing feels as good as buying it immediately after you're done school or after graduation. That's why if you're a student with little funds, save little by little throughout the years and you'll be guaranteed with enough money to buy at least a sweater by the end of your studies. I'm now glad I had to wait for my convocation to come around as it gave me the chance to go back into the bookstore with my head up.

Oh and lastly, as if lugging around my heavy dslr wasn't enough... I had to lug this heavy thing around too!

And you know how much it was? $120!! It was the second to last cheapest one they had. The cheapest was $80 but it was just a gold metal framing which looked tacky to me. The other ones available went as high as $200. I love you Ryerson, but seriously? Ripping off student all the way to the end, LOL.

And if you're wondering why I didn't just buy a frame outside of Ryerson for cheaper, it's because I wanted the embedded Ryerson gold printing and blue framing. I'll show you the finished product when I get around to putting it together.

Oh and I still have to blog about the gift my sister gave me and my little graduation dinner I had with both my sisters. I'm doing some major blogger catching up today. MAJOR.

"The youth today are not leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today." -TED


mizzsandychau said...

awww congrats again nat!!! you look stunning in that dress! those are really good pictures!
oh wow i didn't know you went into psychology, i wish my mind could hold information such as that!
I miss convocation! now i want to go to school again hahah

missmicchan said...

WOO HOOO Congratulations! Such a wonderful post :) It feels good to be able to purchase things without feeling guilty ;)