Friday, June 15, 2012

4.68 Forever21 + H&M + Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizers

Goodness... I've been reading my last few posts these last few days and each time I find myself having to re-edit my posts. Although I haven't fallen off the blogging bandwagon, being preoccupied with other things has made me lose sense with how to word myself.

I'm trying to catch up with my posts so I'm going to blog about most of the things I've bought over the last few weeks. When I get a chance on my days off from work, I like to spend my time gardening (which I'm doing later today), watching tv/youtube, spending time with the family, and... shopping of course! I like both online and in-store shopping which is so bad for my wallet! Oh, and speaking of my wallet, I got a new one when I got my first pay cheque 6 weeks ago. I've just been too lazy to take pictures.

I was specifically on the hunt for a long sleeve sheer loose buttoned up blouse with the high low cut. Unfortunately I couldn't find such a garment but did end up finding this awesome tank with metal detailing at Forever 21. I actually thought it was going to ring up as the original price of $17.80, but to my surprise, it came up to only $8 at the cash register! Don't you just love those moments when you get to cash and realize that the piece you're buying is less than what you were willing to pay for? Made my day for sure.

When I was waiting in line to be rung up, I saw this cute little tote for $1.50. I'm a sucker for things like this so I picked it up since it was so cheap anyway.

This top is from H&M. I normally don't gravitate to "I Love..." sayings, but I couldn't help but love the overall look of this top. It looks much better worn than when it's on the hanger.

I'm venturing out on loose fitted tops. This top has the subtle high low cut that I love.

The tank was actually suppose to be on sale but I didn't realize that it rang through as the original price until I got out of the store and walked halfway through the mall to our exit. The mall was also closing so I let it go. I got gipped $3. And of course I didn't think it was worth it to drive back another day to complain. Oh and if that wasn't enough, stupid me pulled on the price tag to get it off and ended up ripping the H&M tag off too which left a small hole in tank at the top haha. I normally use scissors to cut tags off but for some reason I thought different that day. I sewed the hole up already though, so it's all good.

Cheap tanks 3 for $10 at Suzy Shier to wear to work.

I haven't lost interest in collecting cups/mugs/bottles/beverage containers. I have been eyeing this glass water bottle at Chapters Indigo since Christmas. The moment I found out that it went on sale, I rushed out to go get it. It's normally $15 but I got it for $10 (haha I'm so cheap). It's seals pretty good, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend travelling with it. It's definitely just going to be a at-home use type of item for me since I don't want to risk breaking it.

Needed my hand sanitizer fix. I wanted to get these hand sanitizers back when I didn't have a job, but because I knew they were more of a splurge item, I never ended up getting them. 3 for $5 is still a lot more expensive than buying a big bottle of Purell. But I guess it's the price you pay for nice smelling hand sanitizers. Now I can store these in a couple of my purses and won't be without a sanitizer when I need one.

My sister went to Nadege Patisserie again. Forgot what flavour macron this was, but it was delicious!

Everyone knows of Nongshim Shin Ramyun... but have you tried Korean Clay Pot Ramyun? It was delish!

"You can't always control the circumstances in life, but you can control your attitude towards those circumstances." -Marcin Mrowca


Popcorn said...

Hahaha I love the Shin Ramen. I never knew that it was actually possible to pull out the tag as well! haha Omg.

Are macrons suppose to be really sweet tasting? because i tried some before but i doubt they were the authentic type.

mizzsandychau said...

hey nat! i've been looking for a high low sheer top too, i've been searching forever 21 and h&m but they never have whats on their website, and i don't want to pay shipping fee.
i'm going to san francisco and santa clara tomorrow for a week! have you been there? i'm going to get lost because i haven't checked maps or made plans lol. I plan to do loads of shopping, i hope i can find some tops there.

i like that H&M top you got, so good for summer, maybe even the beach with a bikini under. Ugh my closet is still full of winter items!

helen said...

owww i love that glass bottle! my only complaint with bottles like that is the opening >_< if i really wanted to scrub the inside, i'd have to use one of those brush thingys they use for baby bottles....