Wednesday, June 13, 2012

4.66 Garden Update

Just to update you guys on that guy issue- we're on good terms. The only thing though is that I don't think he gets the clue that I'm not interested. I don't know about you but I am generally cautious of guys who are very persistent/pushy. I'm not trying to say that all guys who are persistent are bad, but from my experience, they tend to be the clingy/possessive/jealous type. Personally I don't think it's cute when a guy is too protective of you when it comes to other guys- no matter how many kdramas depict it as being so. It gets old annoying fast. Not to mention it's not healthy, period.

I'm so behind it's not even funny. This was taken weeks ago... the peonies (two bushes on either side) have already bloomed and even dispersed already. I just wanted to at least show you the iris in bloom. Wasn't it so pretty?

I really love the hanging basket we got from my mom for Mother's Day. It's so unique looking and the blooms are beautiful. 

Update on the garden! This is right after some rainfall and before my weekly weeding. You can't see it yet but I actually have NINE tomato plants growing (mix of Tiny Toms and Steak Tomatoes).

Here's one of my tomatoes- currently the biggest one right now. This is the reason I love growing from seeds. Once it grows, there's just that much more pleasure knowing you did it from scratch.

The Great Lake Head lettuce are coming along nicely too. 

My peas! They grew all over the place despite the bamboo sticks so I had to double the bamboo sticks to keep them upright.

The raspberry bushes. Not sure if we'll get some this summer. This is my first time growing these so I'm not sure.

Forgot to show you the mint section last time. We used to have a lot of mint but then we uprooted it all because it was getting out of control. Now I'm trying to regrow them and I'm replanting and relocating any little mints growing in the garden in this little section.

I also harvested the garlic chives twice now and the green onions once. That's why they both look like they've been taken back.

This is after weeding and layering on some good rich soil. Also, notice anything that doesn't belong in this photo?

"Nothing lasts forever not even your troubles." -J.R Freeman


mizzsandychau said...

hey hun, how was your convocation? your garden is looking lovely!

Popcorn said...

daww those tomatoes will grow up in no time. Good thing the guy thing is pretty much resolved. whewww...

OHhh i love the flowers that hang down from the basket.

missmicchan said...

Ohh peonies :) So lucky to have such nice flowers and an awesome garden!

The mint in my garden is out of control mom is giving them away to her friends lol if you need some let me konw :)

...and ya..clingy guys are no good :P