Friday, June 1, 2012

4.62 The Last Package

I'm not sure if many of you know about this dismemberment case (I don't want to affiliate my blog with the name of the suspect), but seriously, a gruesome story like this is like something straight out of CSI. Not to mention this case of a man eating another man's face. I'm officially creeped out. I'm sure there are many cases of cannibalism all over the world I don't know about, but when it hits this close to home, it just makes it that more real. And I know people keep saying the zombies apocalypse has come... but these stories are definitely no joke.

On another more lighter note, I received my last package from Ichigobunnie. Even though we're only up to two packages, we decided to end it because we ran out of ideas of what to send each other. I don't know how other people do it, but for us, it was tough getting together items that 1) You hope the recipient would like and would use and 2) Trying to not get something they already have without having a clue to what they already own. So, we thought it was best to cease with the packages.

I haven't got the chance to try anything. It sucks because I can't even wear polish anymore because of work =( I'm a little bit of a rebel though so I do wear very subtle nude nail polish on my nails hehe. Now I only wear dark polish on my toes- which is exactly what I'll be doing with this polish Ichigobunnie sent me. She also sent me her HG mascara which apparently smells like apples. I haven't opened it yet so I can't comment.

She has asked me if I wanted anything in particular and I replied with NYX shadows- something taupe-like and dark navy blue. This is what she ended up getting me. Again, I haven't got the chance yet to try them either.

I've heard of these FaceQ masks, I hope they're good!

And Silk Whitia, the masks I've been dying to try ever since Fuzkittie mentioned them ages ago (it's sad she doesn't blog or youtube anymore). I'm super excited to try these =D

Thank you Ichigobunnie!

p.s. If you're ever wondering why some quotes sound so familiar, it's because they are. I'm recycling quotes from blog posts that were deleted when I transferred over to this new domain. I like all the quotes so I want them all here on my blog.

p.p.s. I found a dress for my convocation! Will share in a future post.

"The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring." -Francis Herbert Bradley

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mizzsandychau said...

hey nat, yeah the dismemberment news gave me quite a scare, i've been reading about it and it's really disturbing. tell me you haven't seen that video!

those faceQ masks are really good, those are actually my favorite ones out of all the other faceQ masks.

can't wait to see which dress you picked out