Thursday, May 24, 2012

4.59 Calvin Klein Undergarments

If you're doing something you're not particularly proud to share with others, but find yourself in situations where you have to share anyway, know that there is always a better way to say it. Just by finding the right phrase to explain what you're doing in a better light, you'll already feel more empowered about your situation. Take me for example. I still haven't figured out my life and what I want to do, and it's not something that's easy for me to have others know. The worst thing I can say to someone asking me about my future is an "I don't know" answer. The better answer would be "I haven't found my niche yet. I don't want to jump into something I'm not committed to" or "I'm taking a break from school." All answers are true, but not only do the latter sound better, it also shows people that I'm being smart about it since I'm cautious of not jumping into something I'm not 100% sure about. Just remember that you should never feel ashamed of what you're doing- ever.

So something a little different for today. A post on undergarments! Well this post is more focused on Calvin Klein bras but I also love Calvin Klein underwears.

I know a lot of people probably love La Senza and Victoria Secret but I personally love Calvin Klein. La Senza may have cheap sales but most of the bras that do go on sale are cotton- which I'm not a huge fan of. And while Victoria Secret bras seem nice, they are hella expensive. In comes Calvin Klein as the in-between brand. Most Calvin Klein bras if not on sale are about $40-50. But trust me when I say this, I have not yet paid full price for a Calvin Klein bra (and I own quite a bit of them already). The prices I buy them for typically hover around the $16.99-$20 mark. The secret? It's all in knowing where to buy them and catching them on sale.

Taken from the site: "Since its inception, Calvin Klein Underwear for Men and Women has led the market by offering consumers cutting-edge design, innovative fabrics, and exceptional fit and quality. Known for its iconic advertising campaigns featuring top models, celebrities, and newly discovered talent, Calvin Klein Underwear continues to evolve its reputation as the brand of choice for consumers who want sexy, fashionable, and comfortable underwear.

Calvin Klein Underwear is synonymous with quality. The fits and fabrications are developed to perfection to preserve the brand's standard of excellence. Men's fabrics range from comfortable cottons to edgy sheer synthetics, while women's product includes foundations with clean and comfortable silhouettes, daywear with sexy lace elements and satin touches, as well as fashion trend-forward prints and styles."

Calvin Klein bras offer 3 different coverages.

"Envy" Coverage Level 1 - less coverage, more revealing.

"Perfectly Fit" Coverage Level 2 - everyday coverage, classic comfort.

"Seductive Comfort" Coverage Level 3 - more coverage, more support.

I only have one "envy" bra which has the least coverage and support, and the rest of my bras are "perfectly fit" which I find are the best fitting bras for me (beats La Senza by a long shot). I don't buy "seductive comfort" though because I don't need that much coverage if you know what I mean. And along with the three different coverage levels, they also offer push up bras if you needed the extra push.

So where do I buy my bras? Winners of course! But you have to be quick as they tend to sell out fast (especially if your size is popular). You just can't beat $16.99 for a really great quality bra. Calvin Klein bras fit me perfectly (unlike the La Senza ones I used to wear) and they feel really comfortable too.

Other times you can also find Calvin Klein bras on sale at department stores such as The Bay. The bra pictured above was about $25 after there was an additional percentage off the last ticketed price. A tip for The Bay is to wait for multiple markdowns instead of buying at only one markdown.

So there you have it- my love for Calvin Klein undergarments. I also love their underwear too which you can also find at Winners for less. Have you tried Calvin Klein? What's your favourite?

"Don't let people drive you crazy when you know it's in walking distance." -Unknown


mizzsandychau said...

gasp! i never tried on a calvin klein bra before because i always thought they were going to be super expensive so no point in me even looking at them.
i love the plain colours they have, i'm going to go snooping for sure! thanks for the post!

yeah that old mill inn! it's really really pretty, i want to stay a night there or even go to their spa one day. it seems so relaxing.
i think this summer i'll try to go there for high tea.

i went to the park on victoria's day to watch fireworks. Waited for an hour and it was then 11pm, still no fireworks! so we went home feeling very disappointed. ends up that park wasn't doing fireworks that night, only on canada's day. book we watched a lot of people do their own fireworks instead. it was so cold that night too

missmicchan said...

thanks for the introduction to CK underwear :) I've never tried it, but with that pricepoint, it's a no brainer! Thank you Winners! ahah