Sunday, April 22, 2012

4.49 Repurposed Jewelry - Rustic Industrial

I love watching LisalisaD1's videos. I'm always eagerly waiting for the moment her next video uploads on her channel. I've been completely obsessed ever since she jumped on the fashion wagon. I love her sense of style. I've even picked up a few fashion tips from her. I've never been the trendy type, I've never paid attention to celebrity or runway fashion, and I've never given the time of day to analyze how fashion works. But after watching Lisa, I've picked up on a few trends and I'm even noticing them now too! Lisa gets her style inspiration from celebrities, magazines, as well as from many other places I'm sure. Lisa is officially my first fashion muse.

One of the jewelry styles I've admired from Lisa is the rustic industrial look. You might have remembered me blogging about some of the Laura Lombardi pieces I was drooling over some posts ago (the post has been taken down since I thought it was pointless). Laura makes the most beautiful repurposed jewelry I've ever seen, but unfortunately the price point is completely out of my budget. I've had a hard time trying to find cheaper alternatives because I haven't come across this style of jewelry in a form that fits true to my taste. But I wasn't ready to give up due to money limitations. So, I decided to create my own.

This is one of the necklaces I repurposed. It used to be arrow shaped and have 3 blue stones hanging from it. I basically turned it from a tribal-esque piece to a vintage/rustic/industrial piece. I love it so much and it didn't cost me a fortune!

It's a long chained necklace. I really love the stacked metal look.

Do you remember the time I bought earrings from Talize for only $1 or $2? I bought them because I wanted to make a necklace pendant out of one of them. This piece has a more vintage feel to it. 

It's also a long style chain. I bought the chain separately for $3 at another store. 

This chain was a part of another layered necklace that I wasn't really feeling. I had the necklace for a few years now but never came around to wearing it. I thought it'd be nice to repurpose the necklace and finally put it to good use! Wrap bracelets are really in right now and I love how well it layers with other pieces.

I always love gunmetal chains too so this was perfect. I prefer to layer this than wearing it alone.

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore." -Andre Gide

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