Monday, April 16, 2012

4.48 I Love To Browse

Six degrees of separation couldn't be more true- and that degree is even less now thanks to social networks such as Facebook. That's why you should forget about making enemies and leaving a bad impression all together. You might think you'll never see the person again but you never know, right? I recently found out that the son of my next door neighbour (who moved in a couple of years ago) used to go to the same high school with me. I didn't recognize him for a while though since he changed his appearance. But after some time, a light bulb went on in my head. I only remember seeing him occasionally around school as I don't personally know him. What a strange small world it is.

On another note, if you've been watching Judy's vlogs you'd know that she's pregnant! I had a feeling but obviously I knew that the first trimester should pass before safely announcing it. Some viewers (probably young and don't know any better) were so pushy about the topic these past couple months. It was so annoying. Thank goodness the comments won't be filled with pregnancy rumours anymore because the news is out!

My Esprit pants I got from their 50% off Closing sale a few months ago. I can finally wear it because the weather is warmer. This year I'm diving into coloured bottoms (before I would only wear blue jeans).

If it's a store I love (like The Bay) I can literally spend hours browsing in there. That's why I find it best to shop alone because not many people like to browse. The Bay has their Bay Days going on right now and that basically means sales galore!

I love the Coach gathered leather bags. Of course I can only admire them because the bag shown above "Madison Gathered Leather Lindsey Satchel" is $598(!!). It's such a beautiful bag. I love the color and everything about it. 

I can't remember what brand this bag was but it definitely caught my eye.

Steve Madden casual cross shoulder bag.

You should know by now that I love Expression Jewelry. Great accessories at great prices!

BCBG jewelry. I actually picked up a BCBG bracelet since they were on sale for 20% off. It's not in the above picture, but I'll show you guys soon!

I also went to T&T supermarket recently. They still sell Naruko products there (but the selection is somewhat limited). It also seems like they exploded with My Beauty Diary products. They're now carrying a bunch of other MBDM products and had new sheet mask flavours available too.

I wanted to try the Rose and Water Peony Sleep Concentrate but I wasn't sure if it was cheaper online or not (found out T&T is cheaper from the ebay seller I buy from)- maybe I'll come back for it. The Orange Blossom and White Lotus Mist also intrigued me but I didn't pick it up this time.

There were also a ton of special or new scented masks. Is it just me? Or is it ever hard to keep up with the new masks MBDM keep coming out with? I've lost count.
 "Olive Leaf Mask", "Luffa Mask", "French White Lily Mask". The Lily mask sounds so nice.

"Royal Jelly Mask" definitely want to try this one day.

"Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask". I need this in my future haha.

It must smell so good!!

Earl Grey Tea and Macaron sounds so lovely and the packaging is super cute. I'm surprised I was able to walk away from all the masks. I might not be so lucky next time.

Update with the vitamins I'm taking daily. I've now added Vitamin B-6 (since I want to increase my metabolism because I'm fat haha) and Vitamin D (since it's double duty with the Vitamin A). I'm taking 5 vitamins daily!

I'm even surprised at myself for keeping up with the vitamin intake. But it's true what they say about making something routine. If you stick to a routine, it'll soon become a habit. So if you want something to stick, keep at it until you don't even need to think about it anymore. Just do it! 

Has anyone heard of the Google Project Glass? Read up and watch the video here: Interesting concept but if it does ever kick off, there better be laws against wearing that while driving. People will be connected everywhere they go o__o

I NEED to see these. Battleship sort of looks like a rip-off of Transformers but I'm cool with it. I noticed that I'm more willing to go pay and see a movie if it's action-based or sci-fi.

"Life is like photography we develop from negatives." -Unknown

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Woman, which Bay do you go to to find all of those jewelry? Take me with you next time!