Thursday, January 12, 2012

3.31 My Last Day

I forgot that I took pictures on the last day I had exams in December until I took a glance of the pictures on my android.

This was taken in the bathroom of the business building right after I finished writing my last exam... ever (well at least at Ryerson anyway). It doesn't look like it, but I was jumping for joy inside haha.

The business building has a lot of escalators and stairs. I find it quite relaxing leaving a building with exams underway. Granted it can sometimes be a bit eerie but the quietness is very peaceful.

Since my exam was in the morning, I still had the entire day to do whatever it is I wanted to do. So I decided to head to Rexall.
This is the other Rexall I go to other than the one in Atrium. I didn't end up buying anything though.

Not too far from Rexall, I finally decided to check out College Park. It's located on the Southwest corner of Yonge Street and College Street. I've always wondered about this place but never went in for some reason. The Dollarama sign was the main reason why I decided to go in.

The place seemed interesting enough. I wasn't even aware that there was a Sobeys here. I thought Metro was the only mainstream grocery store in the downtown core (minus the Loblaws that just opened).

For all you folks wondering how Dollarama looks like, well there it is.

I always like to check out the organizational/storage section. Everything is under $2.

The kitchenware stuff are also nice, but of course for the price, they are quite heavy too.

I thought these bowls were a nice find. I didn't get them though.

And of course I had to check if this place had any of those Betty Crocker candles I got at my local Dollarama. Sure enough, they did!

I was ecstatic that this Dollarama had "Strawberry Shortcake". It smells really good. I stocked up as you can see.

I also got "Coconut Cream Pie".

I was surprised when I came across "Mint Cookie". I haven't burned it yet, but I think I will since it seems very holiday/winter-ish.

Lastly I picked up "Angel Food Cake".

Here is what I have so far (minus backups). The larger round candle is from Ikea and the rest are Betty Crocker. I've already finished one so far called "Fresh Cut Melon" (the one in the upper left corner).

After Dollarama, I went to Winners, which was also nearby.

You can always find me in the bath and body section...

...and the clearance section haha.

I found this neat mirror box. I would have got it if I had some more space.

I only drink coffee on occasion, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to own a French coffee press.

Next on my list is one of these. I don't know what it is about my obsession over collecting cups/mugs.

At the end of the day I treated myself to a patty that I got at one of those shops in the subway stations. They are the best patties I've ever had. You should try it if you never had any!

"Good things might come to those who wait, [but] not for those who wait too late." -Bill Withers 'Just The Two Of Us'

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