Monday, May 23, 2011

3.04 Just a Few Purchases

These are purchases that I've made over the course of several months. I'm the kind of shopper who can only buy a couple of items each shopping trip otherwise the guilt would kill the joy of shopping.

I spotted this neat rose shaped loofah when it was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart. I got it mainly because it's pretty to look at and it makes me happy. I was feeling down at the time so I was willing to buy anything that made me smile. I don't think I'll ever end up using it though. Not only is it too pretty to use, it was expensive for a loofah.

I got these from a store called Celadon. It's a local accessory store that constantly stocks up with new items. I usually only see one of each kind of accessory, but I can't say that what you buy is completely unique. Their accessories are a little more on the expensive side. Even though I can put my hair up, it's still too short to wear it with the hair tie as it looks strange with my stubby little pony tail. I think it would look better when my hair grows out longer as it'll create a balance needed to pull off the look. The bow tie is cute to accessorize my short hair with.

These next clothing items I got at Urban Planet which I think has become one of my new-found favourite stores. They offer very affordable clothing which is something that's getting more difficult to come by these days.
This straps on this tank is a little long but I couldn't resist since it was only $12. I'll have to take it up somehow. I love the details- braided straps, chiffon-like frills, and the little bow.

I've been searching for a top like this forever. I've come across other tops like this but they never fit nicely on me. This one is perfect and it was only $12! I love the lace detail on the back. I need more dressy short sleeve tops like this in my life.

I've been unsatisfied with the way I was storing eyeshadow pencils and other knick knacks (they were all laying on their sides in a container so it was difficult to see what I had). I headed over to Dollarama and found this 3 compartment holder that I thought would be better for storage. I actually went back again and picked up another one as well.

Also at Dollarama, I found two smaller sizes of my favourite patterned baroque box which is situated at the bottom. They looked really nice stacked so I thought I would use it as storage and as a display on my bookcase. They look expensive but they're totally not.

I had shopped with my friend and we had walked into Bowring because I had wanted to see if there was anything interesting I could buy for my room. I had spotted this but was reluctant to buy it at the time. When I got home, I couldn't stop thinking about it so I went back another day and got it.
It was on sale too, marked down to $9.99 from $19.99. I'm still debating what I should put on it. I'm thinking I should just use it as a jewelry stand. It's beautiful, no?

I was inspired to get a tier server because a while back I had watched Phi's room tour. I loved what she had done with hers so I definitely wanted one of my own. She's done a previous room tour as well.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

3.03 Shiseido Warehouse Sale May 2011

Shiseido Inc
303 Allstate Parkway
Markham, ON
L3R 5P9
[Payment is by Cash, Mastercard, Visa, or Interac only]

I thought I wasn't going to be able to attend the Shiseido warehouse sale this time around since my mom was working, but miraculously my mom called home in the morning to let me know that her work ended early for the day. Woohoo! We only ended up being there for half an hour and I guess it was because we've seen it all before.

November 2010:
The last Shiseido warehouse sale we attended was back in November of last year (shown above). At that time we went super early and waited in line for 2 hours. But because we went later in the day this time, there was no line up. They ran out of some things but none that I would've missed anyway. Now I know to just go these sales later in the day because the skincare lines that I use (The Skincare and White Lucent) always seem to be plentiful.

It was also more peaceful than last time, though that is not to say that there was no pushing or shoving. Maybe all the crazy people finished their shopping the day before or early in morning. Or perhaps because there was no lineup, there was less distressed people, less panic of thinking items will run out, and no need for patience which may have provoked agitation and aggression in people.

May 2011:
I didn't get much since I still have leftover skincare items I bought from the last sale. I was interested in getting more of their eye shadows because I love them (marked up to $8 instead of the $6 I paid last time). I also picked up a backup of one of my favourite mascaras called the Shiseido Lasting Lifting Mascara (discontinued). I didn't get any NARS products because there wasn't really anything that caught my eye. I like having consistency with my single eyeshadows anyway so if I were to buy one NARS single eye shadow then I must buy more of that same kind.

This is my mom's Shiseido purchase. I say Shiseido because she purchased other things that I didn't think were important enough to include.

And this is what we picked up for my cousin's wife since she was unable to attend the sale due to work.

I got my favourite Starbucks Vanilla Bean frap again. I took part on the last day of their Happy Hour promotion. Half off never tasted so good!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3.02 Mr. Men & Little Miss

From time to time Google gets "dressed" up to celebrate a certain day or event. Just a couple of days ago Google celebrated the 40th anniversary of Mr. Men and Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves. With it came a rush of nostalgia for me personally. I read these little books back in second grade and I absolutely loved them. They're such great little children's books. I want to buy the whole book set for my future kids one day so that I can secretly indulge in it too. The above collage is made by yours truly so I didn't just take that from somewhere and slap my watermark on it.

Yesterday my sister and I decided to head downtown to see DQ's attempt at breaking the Guiness World Record for largest ice cream cake for their 30th Birthday. Although it started at 12:00pm we were too lazy to head down there that early. By the time we got there at 2:00 they were already passing out free cake. There was a huge line up that neither me nor my sister wanted to wait in. So instead of eating cake, we headed to the shops. We first visited Forever 21 but there was nothing interesting there. Has anyone else noticed how much their clothing has increased in price? They used to be a lot cheaper clothing-wise... now I'd rather just go to H&M if the prices are going to be relatively the same. We headed over to H&M where I saw the beautiful jacket that I've seen on other blogs. It was on sale from $60 to $30- sorry no photos. I was tempted to get it but in the end left it because I don't have a closet that tailors to that look yet.

I've been searching what seems like forever for a good pair of wing earrings. The size is perfect- neither too large nor too small. I like the colour, the rhinestone placement, and overall how the wings are made. The other heart earrings that came with it isn't my cup of tea though.

We eventually walked ourselves into Urban Outfitters, a store which I've never been in before. I expected to only see clothes but lo and behold they sold home decor and lots of neat items! I think I'm in love. No pictures because I'm pretty sure they're not allowed to.

This was at HomeSense. I love these chess pieces because I like interesting conversational pieces. If I had a house I would have totally bought them.

I was debating whether or not to get this cool looking bowl I found in the clearance section for $15. I was very close to buying it but refrained. I think it would've been great to put bath stuff in (ie. Lush items). I'm lacking space to store it anyway as I share a room with my sister. I've yet to share pics of my new vanity area since we threw away the old vanity and rearranged the room.

We also headed over to Starbucks located downstairs Sears to take advantage of Happy Hour. From May 6-15 at 3-5pm you can get a frappuccino for only half price. I got the Vanilla Bean (my favourite) and my sister got the Strawberry and Cream.

While my sister was reading The Metro newspaper on the subway, she came across this funny comic. Thought I'd share as it gave me a good chuckle.

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