Thursday, April 28, 2011

3.01 Spring Time

It's the third day since my official break from school, yippee! The weather hasn't been too great though, only rain and overcast skies greets me every morning. But I guess it's no surprise seeing that it is April. I jump back and forth between allocating spring or autumn as my favourite season, but I think I've finally decided that I like Spring more. Autumn may bring cooler weather and the best fashion, but it also makes me sad because it's a time when everything dies. Spring on the other hand makes me happy because it's a period of growth. Life is once again seen on the bare branches of trees that stood still all through the winter season. It also brings an assortment of lively colours to the fashion world as shops fill with pastel and bright colour that make people cheery and wait in eager anticipation for warmer weather to strut their stuff in shorter- well shorter everything I suppose- and bask in the warmer sun. I love all seasons because there's pros and cons for all of them. I feel very fortunate to be living in a country that experiences all 4 seasons. If one of them were to go, I'd be devastated.

Come Spring comes a full force of advertisement and marketing for Spring collections from all departments. I have a huge fondness of The Bay (a Canadian department store). My mom has shopped for as long as I can remember so I guess it just grew with me.

The Bay downtown has a special area called "The Room" which is designated as an area where all the prestigious high end brand labels are housed.
A couple of weeks ago I had actually received a very lovely package in the mail from The Room, and when I say lovely, boy do I mean beautiful. The envelope was made with this special semi-translucent paper with wonderful detail printed all over it.

Buds in Spring and changing leaves in Fall are what I look for instead of relying on the calendar to tell me when the "official" day of a season is here. Summer and Winter are a bit harder to decipher so I just rely on the calendar for those seasons. This lilac plant pictured above was tiny when I got it from Costco years ago- hardly a place you think plants would actually be good quality right? I also picked up a limelight hydrangea there which is situated to the left just out of picture range. My mom questioned me buying them because they were only a couple of green sprouts but let me have them anyway. After a couple of years nurturing and lots of patience, they finally blossomed (for years my mom was wondering why there were no flowers).

On another note, is anyone staying up to watch the Royal wedding? I am. I might look like this =__= but I want to watch a part of history. I remember watching the news about Princess Diane's death back when I was 8 years old (my grandma has a thing for the Royals).

"A strong passion for any object will ensure success, for the desire of the end will point out the means." -William Hazlitt