Friday, August 12, 2011

3.11 RECIPE: Japanese Potato Salad

This potato salad is served chilled which is perfect for the hot days of summer. This is not one of the more "healthier" salads so I'd advise not to eat this often. You can double the recipe for more.


3        Medium Sized Potatoes
1        Small Carrot
4        Inches/10cm Seedless Cucumber
1        Small Onion
2        Eggs
Pinch  Salt and Pepper
1 Cup Japanese Mayonnaise


Take the 3 medium sized potatoes and score them so that they will be easier to peel later. Place them in a pot and fill with water.

Peel the carrot and also place in the pot.

Boil the potatoes, carrots, and eggs (not shown). The eggs will finish before the potatoes and carrot so take it out after 10 minutes of boiling.

While the water boils, take about 4 inches/10cm of the seedless cucumber and cut vertically in half. Then, slice thinly diagonally. Put in a bowl and place aside.

Chop your onion in very thin slices.

Separate onion pieces and place in bowl with the cucumber slices. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and toss together. Let the cucumber and onion sit for 10 minutes or more so that the vegetables can exclude their juices.

In the meantime, your eggs will probably be done by now (10 minutes of boiling time). You want them hard-boiled. Remove from pot, peel, and chop semi-roughly. Place aside.

At this point your cucumber and onion mixture is probably done excluding their juices. Squeeze the mixture firmly over the sink to rid of the juices.

Notice that the cucumber and onion now looks more tender. Place aside.

Check if your potatoes are done- poke the potatoes with a fork and lift slightly out of the water, if the potato slides off the fork easily then your potatoes are done. Boiling time for the potatoes takes about 15-20 minutes. Leave the potatoes in for at least 15 minutes even if the fork slides out smoothly- just so you can be sure that your potatoes aren't under cooked. Move the potatoes and carrot into cold water to stop the cooking process and to help the skin of the potatoes come away from the potato itself for easier peeling.
You could have removed your carrot long before the potatoes, but since I like my carrot tender for this dish, I leave it in to cook for the same amount of time as the potatoes.

After the potatoes have cooled in the cold water, grab the potato on both ends and slide the potato out of the skin (only do this if you scored the potatoes earlier). Peel the skin off the carrot as well if you haven't already.

Chop the potatoes in cubes and place in the bowl you will be serving the potato salad in.

Next, chop up the carrot diagonally in small slices as well and place in with the potatoes.

Let cool.

Add a pinch of salt and pepper and mix together.

Next, add the rest of the ingredients you prepared earlier together (cucumber/onion mixture and eggs) and about a cup of Japanese mayonnaise or to taste.

Mix all together.

Cover and refrigerate.

After chilling, serve and enjoy!


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